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Podcasting in Education

Information surrounding podcasting at educational institutions was a concern of many of my readers. This page sought to consolidate some of the research and postings I’ve done on the subject as well as incorporate information sent to me by others.  If you have something to add, send me an email.

The Top 5 (really 6) Reasons to Podcast at a University:
I compiled these through surveys and polls of peer institutions and personal experiences.

First, course casting… it’s a given and I didn’t include it in my top 5 because it should already be happening before any of these others start to take place.  The rest of the reasons are:

  1. Enrollment and Recruiting: bringing in more students was the number one reason to podcast at a university (besides course content as already mentioned)
  2. Development and Alumni: raising money and informing the biggest donors (alumni) of what’s going on
  3. Anything from Students: and I do mean anything
  4. Staff Development and Morale: taking care of staff and making them feel as if someone is cares about them
  5. Faculty Information Dissemination: keeping your faculty in the know

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