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Top 5 Podcasts at a University – #3: Anything from Students October 18, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcasting, Rice University, University Podcasting.

This week, I’ve been talking about the top 5 most requested reasons to podcast at a university. I’ve learned these things from my discussions with colleagues and my own experiences. Yesterday, if you missed it, was #4: Staff Development and Morale. Today’s topic focuses on students.

3. Anything from Students
Wow. Students have a lot of crazy ideas for podcasting. Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Live has Jarret’s Room… which looks a bit like some podcasts I’ve seen. For the most part though, the university can get behind the student endeavors by helping them create great podcasts. So, what podcasts have students created that I can tell you about?

  • study group podcasts where a group will get together and discuss the questions, solutions, or top things you should know about a chapter, book, class, test, etc. students subscribe when they are in the class, and students next semester carry on the tradition and learn from the podcasts from the semester before
  • student news podcasts for any number of groups on campus… especially those that are concerned with pushing information out to those that are interested in the group activities… very effectively used by residential colleges to connect with their students on events, procedures, and issues
  • leadership opportunities, resume building, writing/speaking/technical skills development – a lot of students are creating podcasts about social issues or educational topics to further themselves in certain areas (ex. medical imaging news podcast by a team of students – some research, some write, some talk, some produce, etc… all students learn by participating, and they gain name recognition in the field)
  • a feedback needed podcast – students who are members of organizations, classes, or projects that need feedback. some groups setup websites with surveys, psychology and sociology departments need people to for human testing, and some students need feedback on written documents, constructed projects, etc… students have created a ‘feedback needed’ podcast where people that are interested in helping students with comments or participation in testing can subscribe and hear about the opportunities to do that on campus

As you can see, student podcasts can take on many forms! Who’s next? Development and Alumni tomorrow. My wish is that these writings give you some ideas on what podcasting can do on a university level. If you have other ways that podcasting is working well on your campus, please email them to me.



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