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Samples of Podcasting in Education November 13, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Educational Podcasts, Podcasting, University Podcasting.

Most podcast directories use the term “educational” to be anything that supposedly teaches you something. Their idea of an educational podcast can be anything from “Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Writing” to a “Hockey-site where you’ll find all the information you need to succeed in professional hockey.” At educational institutions, however, there is a higher standard set for things termed educational.

I’ve compiled a short list of sample podcasts that are being used for, and in, established educational environments. Since there is always a push by educational institutions to find effective new ways for people to learn, maybe reviewing a few of these will spark some ideas on how you could be using podcasts.

Prior to checking the podcasts out, read this article by Will Richardson called “The New Face of Learning.” He poses the question… what happens to time-worn concepts of classrooms and teaching when we can now go on-line and learn anything, anywhere, anytime?

As much as listening to what other people have done can help formulate your own ideas of what to do and how, there is no substitute for someone who has done it before and can help advise on what you are doing / would like to do. Some of the individuals running the sites listed in this bullet list are very willing to talk about the ideas and issues surrounding podcasting in education. I recommend you seek counsel prior to starting your podcast.



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