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Top 5 Podcasts at a University – #5: Faculty Information Dissemination October 16, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcasting, Rice University, University Podcasting.

I’ve been getting more and more requests for podcasting, and talking to my colleagues at other universities about what they are doing. Some requests come in from people who just want to look as if they are using the latest technology, but most have a legitimate idea for recording and disseminating their audio and video. This week, I’m going to focus on the top 5 most popular reasons that I know of to podcast at a university.

0. Classes and Lectures
I don’t count this as one of the five… this is even before the top reason (hence the zero) and just a given. Though some are leery because they’re afraid no one will come to class, the instructors that I’ve seen do this have not had many issues. Students are able to listen to something they missed at the gym, take notes later, etc. The instructors that have had issues just made attendance a part of the grade.

5. Faculty Information Dissemination
How do you get information out to new faculty… a handbook? What about existing faculty… mass emails? Why not try something a bit more personal… a video podcast perhaps? Why?

  • faculty can subscribe to the podcast so that when something changes (a policy, a building closure, etc.) they will be notified immediately
  • the podcast can contain short q&a or faqs so that there is history created… not only are the new podcasts important, but now that new faculty member (or one that just simply forgot) can go back to that podcast from a month ago and learn how something is done

So, who sponsors this podcasting channel, and who uses it? The sponsor is usually the faculty advisory committee or, in some cases, human resources… but more importantly… what is the content?

  • the registrar comes on in the fall and spring to talk about classrooms
  • information technology comes on periodically to talk about new equipment that is showing up in the classrooms and labs, and show you how to use it
  • human resources interviews that new faculty member you’ve seen on campus that has just been hired
  • students chime in every once in a while to give tips to on how to communicate best with them
  • and you get the idea… the possibilities are endless
  • news, the latest discovery, how to fill out the new funding request form, etc.

There are many other reasons to start this podcast right away on your campus, and it’s not hard to do. Your faculty will thank you for it. Don’t miss tomorrow’s topic: Staff Development and Morale.

I hope this gives you some ideas on what podcasting can do on a university level. If you have other top ways that podcasting is working well on your campus, email them to me. I’d like to know about them.



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