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Top 5 Podcasts at a University – #4: Staff Development and Morale October 17, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcasting, Rice University, University Podcasting.

Yesterday, I started to talk through the top 5 most popular reasons that I know of to podcast at a university. Go to #5: Faculty Information Dissemination if you missed it. Today…

4: Staff Development and Morale
Why are most universities podcasting to staff? Training. What’s the main benefit that they’ve seen while doing it? Increased morale. When you think about it, increased morale is a byproduct of paying attention to someone or showing that you want to invest in them. I see it coming from three specific sources in this case.

Community: When you podcast to your staff and give them opportunities to learn more about the institution, their jobs, and other peoples jobs at the university… their sense of relating to others (and that they are part of the community) increases. Sometimes you can even get that staff member that walks from her car to the office, is there all day, and walks from the office to her car to attend that event you highlighted or find a group that she didn’t know about on campus to participate in.

Ownership: At the beginning or end of each podcast, if you can throw in a fun fact about what is currently going on at the university (the baseball team won, professor z got an award, etc)… staff feel a larger sense of pride or ‘ownership’ about the university. It’s something to talk about when you see your friend at the grocery store and they say “How are things going at the university?” If you suggest a link or website where they can find out more about that fact, chances are they will click through or go to it.

Job Satisfaction: Here, I tie job satisfaction to knowing what is expected of you. Sometimes, and this obviously differs from job to job and manager to manager, an employee may feel as if he or she is expected to do a certain thing or be a certain way… but not get that completely communicated from management. Others take immediate direction, but wonder what the big picture is. Use your staff podcast to present everything from the big picture culture, to specific issues facing a certain groups of employees (like school administrators). A person, knowing what is expected of him or her from on high, and given tools to do the job better, will feel an increased satisfaction in the position.

Focusing on staff with a podcast can be one of the most beneficial things you can do on campus, and in my little survey, is #4 in the top 5 reasons podcasting is occurring at universities.

Be sure and check out tomorrow’s topic: #3 – Anything from Students.

I hope this series gives you ideas on what podcasting is like on a university level. If you have other ways that podcasting works on your campus, email them to me. I’d want to know about them.



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