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Podcasting Course

Hello. You’ve reached the blogging home for “The Why and How of Podcasting” course taught by Jeff Frey at the Rice University School of Continuing Studies.

Find the write up for the class here: Class Advertisement

Here is the course overview pdf: Podcast Course Outline

Quick Agenda:

  1. Welcome and Background
  2. Partaking of Podcasts
  3. Podcasting Overview
  4. Planning and Issues
  5. Recording Audio
  6. Producing Audio
  7. Video Podcasting
  8. Screencasting
  9. Podcast Hosting
  10. Publishing Podcasts
  11. Podcasting Promotion

Be certain to view the class notes below and on the right menu bar for specific information and homework assignments.

Class Notes:

In-Class Podcasts:

Student Podcasts:

LearnIT with Rob The Training Guy: Episode 0 Preview

Welcome to the LearnIT Podcast with Rob “The Training Guy”… I am Rob “The Training Guy”. Join me for the LearnIT podcast where we will take a look at some of the software applications you use in your everyday digital life. We will go through everything from general usage to tips and tricks. Thanks to jdfrey.wordpress.com and the “Why and How of Podcasting” course for all the great information to help get this podcast off the ground.

Gigs from Hell Promo 2: test

One in a series from TexasBluesCast, featuring Mean Gene Kelton talking about his soon-to-be-released book, Gigs From Hell – chronicling 20+ years in the music business

Lincoln Arts: Peggy Gomez at the bemisUNDERGROUND

After six hard weeks of podcasting school this is the culmination of my newly learned skills. This podcast highlights an art installation by my talented sister Peggy Gomez at the bemisUNDERGROUND in Omaha, Nebraska. Many of her fans wondered how the installation was created – tune in for Peggy’s explanation

Challenge 20/20

Students from St. Francis Episcopal Day School in Houston, Texas, and St. John’s Episcopal School in Puerto Cortés, Honduras, collaborated to make a podcast. Using an iPod and a microphone, students from both schools described the marine pollution problem in their bays, results from their water testing, and possible solutions. The podcast includes these audio recordings, photographs taken by the students, and integrated PowerPoint slides.

The Magic Flower: Echinacea Photos and Musings

This podcast was created in thirty minutes for Jeff Frey’s podcast class “The Why and How of Podcasting”.The echinacea photos were edited in iMovie and dragged into Garage Band. The narration was recorded directly into the laptop mic. The music was available on Garage Band.



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