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50 Things

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50 Useful Activities on the Web
Suzanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies

Handout for the Discussion on the Internet
50 Things Class Notes including all Links
Handout for Internet Security Discussion



1. Jackie - November 10, 2007

Today, I bought my first item on ebay, Fishes: A Chinese scroll water color painting. I placed a bid and won. The item was priced at $9.99, I bid $20.00, but, I was the only bidder. I even paid through PayPal. I am spending more of my free time on the computer now.

2. Leighton Pearce - February 28, 2008

Jeff I heard you speak about a program called tran scan for ipods, can you email me the link. On another issue I work with an agricultural farmers group in South Australia, I would like them to podcast their conference, They are hessitant due to feeling that members will not feel that non members or members that can’t attend should not recieve the audio files for free, have you any comments or information that I could use to sway them.Thanks Leighton

3. Bridgette Mongeon - March 8, 2008

In today’s lecture on podcasting for Episcopal Communications you had said there was a page on the website that gave a list of hosting companies for podcast and those listing that you can use your own url. Can you please give me a direct link?

Thank you in advance,
Bridgette Mongeon

4. Olive - June 3, 2008

Dear Jeff
I am intrigued by your work on Podcasts. i am wondering what your experience is with Podcasting with the blind and the visually impaired. And which Universities have you collaborated with in this work, particularly from the developing world?

5. Jeff - January 4, 2009

I recently received an email I thought I’d post about expired links in the documents listed above, as well as more helpful “dating” sites:


Hi Jeffrey!

I recently came across your web page while looking for online dating sites. I guess yours came up because of the “Dating” section of your page. Although I was initially looking for dating sites, I continued looking around the page, and became interested in a lot of the information you have up there. I’ve already bookmarked this page so that I have them all together when I get bored while surfing the web. Thanks for all the great information!

As I was checking out all of your resources, I noticed a few that didn’t work and thought I’d tell you about them since your site was so helpful to me.


Since I’ve been doing so much research on the subject of dating sites, I have a few recommendations for sites that you could also use in that category:

http://www.datehookup.com – a free dating site that I decided to sign up for since I’m still getting used to this online dating scene
http://www.singlegirlsdating.com – another free site that has a lot of niche dating areas
http://personals.yahoo.com – a great site that’s been getting a lot of attention as one of the main players on the online dating scene

Hope you found all of this helpful, have a safe and happy new year!


Thanks Kelly!!!

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