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Promoting Your Podcast – Gaining More Listeners November 19, 2007

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I received the following comment on one of my posts last week:


You have been a lot of help in the past. I finally got my podcast Losing Weight After Baby.com up and running on Libsyn. So far we have 11 shows. I have registered it on every directly I know of. According to the Libsyn stats we get about 100 downloads per a week.
How would you increase the exposer the show gets?

Thanks again,

RSS Link
iTunes Link

Good question.

Post to Websites, Forums, Podcasts, and Blogs:
First, I would do what you’re doing now. You posted a comment to my blog with the link to the rss feed and the itunes link. As long as you just don’t post the links, but ask something, say something meaningful, or stroke someone’s ego (i.e. “You have been a lot of help in the past.”… you won’t get spam filtered or deleted. Also, most blogs screen out more than two links, so be cautious about adding comments with three links on a blog. Find sites, forums, podcasts, and blogs about your subject. In your case, there are plenty of pregnancy sites / blogs that you could get into where the women will think about you later, and plenty of newborn sites that you could get on. Take a week and just find all of them. Dedicate yourself to posting meaningful and helpful posts on forums about your subject. Also, exchange audio promos or links with podcasters around the same subject. Just record an intro to another persons podcast, and mail it to them. Tell them you are willing to do the same on yours. Lastly, it goes without saying to get in all the podcast directories you can find.

Create a Press Release:
Press releases are a great way to get picked up by online media. Companies like PRWeb or PRNewswire can help you out with that. They’ll even let you pick and choose markets and sites for the press release to be distributed to. After doing this, you will see a big influx of listeners. Make sure you have a good set of shows (11 is good), the last one is amazing, and your last 3 or 5 have been fairly consistent (or else you’ll lose that initial influx).

Distribute Content Everywhere:
I’m now seeing the huge benefits of distributing your content to as many places as possible. Speaking in general terms, if your podcast is video, put it on youtube, google, veoh, etc. If audio, make a 30 second video promo of your podcast (it could just be pictures, an explanation, etc… BUT… it’s better to do something useful) and put that promo out there for everyone to see. The last still frame should say something like “Learn more at http:…” and give them the link. If you can help 50 people out there on YouTube with a clip of something you talked about on your last podcast… do it. Then, drive them to your site by telling them where to get more help. There are companies like TubeMogul that will help you do this as well… you submit your video to them… and they post it all over the net.

I think these three things will get you started, and will get you a lot more listeners than you have now. Creating a press release is a one time thing, unless you change something drastically. The content distribution is just good practice and should become routine. I think the most time consuming, but maybe the most important, is the connections you can make with other sites, forums, podcasts, and blogs.

Good luck!


ByteShark Search October 9, 2007

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Have you seen this yet?


Search for “jdfrey” and see what comes up. Not too impressive, except for when you search for similar… it uses Optical Search Engine technology. It locates identical and similar objects across the Internet based on the objects’ digital signature, not its surrounding text. For example, if you have a picture of a car, you can upload that picture and use it to find web pages with that car picture, or similar car pictures.

You can add your own website, blog, podcast, etc. to byteshark by going to the website and clicking  ** Load a web site’s images **

TubeMogul October 3, 2007

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TubeMogul is a company that will take your video and upload it to multiple video sharing sites (like YouTube, Google Video, Revver, etc.) and then display back to you statistics on where you’re getting the most play (among other things).

Best of all, it’s free… and it’s open to independent podcasters as well as major companies.

I also like the analytics because they can be downloaded for certain periods and emailed to advertisers, so they have solid numbers on your videos.

Some people only do a podcast and do not put their video on other video sharing sites for fear of ‘losing control’ of them.  I agree, having to check 2, 5, or 10 other sites to see how many hits you get would be a bit hectic, but with tubemogul, they take care of all that for you.

Check them out, and if anyone tries them or is using them, email me or comment and let me know what you think.

Thanking Your Podcast Listeners November 23, 2006

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I always receive questions about holding on to your podcast listening audience. Interaction between the podcaster and podcast listener is a key to keeping the listener engaged. One easy way to keep them involved (and an appropriate topic for today… “Thanksgiving” in the US), is thanking your listeners.

Some practical ways to thank your podcast listeners:

  • good content – first and foremost, give them what they want on a regular basis, that’s thanks enough
  • a quick “thank you” – at the beginning or end of your podcast, just tell them that you’re really thankful and what it means to you that they are listening
  • contact them – if you have an email list set up, can find them based on usernames of who voted for on some sites, etc… send out a thank you note (warning.. don’t do it too often and don’t make it too long… then you’ll just be spamming them)
  • discounts on merchandise – see if you can set up a promotional code or discount with a vendor to give your listeners a discount on some merchandise that you think they’d be buying anyway based on your podcast content
  • free merchandise – free is better than discounted, and if you can give something away, do it
  • playing voicemail / reading email – if possible, and it fits into your podcast, play some listener voicemail or read some listener email… they’ll love the fact that they are on your podcast, and the people that hear it will consider that there is a chance of them getting on as well… it’s a way to thank them for calling/writing in.

About that last one, if it doesn’t fit into your podcast to have a portion of it be for listener mail, then consider taking a podcast out of the regular schedule and devoting it to listeners. Call it your listener appreciation podcast and number them 1, 2, 3… etc. Even if they’re every six months, listeners will love it.

Podcast Directory Listing November 20, 2006

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The last post I did listed a few podcast directories for you to submit your podcast to. I received an email with a link that I should have included since I’ve used the link before and it was helpful. So, if you’re feeling ambitious, go ahead and submit your podcast to the directories listed on this page…


… all 70+ of them.

Promoting Your Podcast November 17, 2006

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Promoting your podcast might not be as hard as you think. If you sign up with the right host, submit your podcast to the right directories, and do a bit of the right work on the front end to let people know you’re around… you’ll start to pick up listeners pretty quickly.

  1. Sign up with the right host. I had a previous post about postcast hosting providers, but one other thing to note that I didn’t mention is what the host does for you when you release a podcast. Does it automatically get posted to a website or a directory? Do they let other directories know that you’ve released another podcast (sometimes referred to as a ping)? Take that into consideration when selecting a host.
  2. Submit your podcast to the right directories. The most popular podcast directories right now are:
  3. Do a bit of the right front end work. All your work will pay off, but this bit is quick and will get you very far in a short amount of time.
    • Submit a press release about your new podcast. I talked about press release companies in a previous post.
    • Head out to blogs, other podcasts, forums, news groups, etc. that have something to do with your podcast topic and comment, tag, make suggestions, and add your podcast link while you’re doing so.
    • If you’re doing a video podcast, create a ‘commercial’ about your podcast and post it on video sites like youtube, google video, vimeo, and revver.

Always remember that maintaining a blog around your podcast has great advantages as well. The more topics and text that you have in your blog with pointers to your podcast draws potential listeners to your podcast.

Podcasting Podcasts October 27, 2006

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Today I’m basically going to run through my iTunes list of podcasts about podcasting and document them here. I’m always on the lookout for more podcasts for podcasters (and podcasts about podcasters), and I check in with my pod directories about once every two weeks to see if podded (popped?) up. I hope you find these as useful as I do. As always, I’m looking for more and will update this as needed… email me your suggestions.

First, the tutorials and how-to podcasts. Podfading has taken it’s toll on a number of these, and some are dated… but I still save them and use them as resources for people who ask.

Second, podcasts about podcasts. These just keep me informed about who’s doing what in the podcasting world.

Third are the tips, tricks, and other podcasting podcasts.

  • http://feeds.feedburner.com/PublishAPodcast/ – this is based on a seminar addressing questions about podcasting and the how-to’s of starting your own podcast.
  • http://www.podcastingunderground.com – Jason Van Orden’s news and tips on podcasting. Listening to this podcast could distinguish whether you’re podcast is a marketing success or failure.
  • http://www.schoolofpodcasting.com – Some people I’m met love it, and some people don’t. I’m a subscriber! I don’t have time to listen as they come out, but I do queue them up for a while and then listen to a bunch of them during a car or plane ride.
  • http://www.podcastpickle.com/casts/4/ – Today in Podcasting – I haven’t quite figured this one out yet :).
  • http://www.profitablepodcasting.com – Paul Colligan’s podcast concerning issues about the profitability and monetization of podcasting where he interviews people doing it and runs some numbers.  I’d put this on your must listen -to list, unfortunately it doesn’t come out often enough.

Fourth, and last, the must see / must listen-to podcasts that keep me going. Even if you listen for a few weeks and don’t hear anything you like… there will be that day when someone covers something that you just couldn’t have done without.

  • http://pa.gigavox.com/series/podcastacademy.html – I heard these in person, took notes as best I could, but I’ve listened to them all a once or twice since and have found new things to focus on.
  • http://www.thepodcastbrothers.com – don’t miss the podcast, and sign up for the Podcast and New Media Expo next year. The forums are already up!
  • http://geekbrief.podshow.com – this doesn’t specifically address podcasting, but there are some great behind the scenes episodes that let you into their lighting, camera, computer, and studio layout. I’m hooked! There’s also link on the website to their setup (http://geekbriefwp.podshow.com/?page_id=34), and if you’re not a fan… just subscribe and then look at the titles and show notes. Neal and Luria (Cali Lewis’ real name is Luria Petrucci) are great about naming and documenting the shows so you can find what you’re looking for!

PRWeb® vs. PR Newswire? October 12, 2006

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I had this question asked by someone about a month ago… PRWeb vs PRNewswire? It’s not really a question of “vs.” as it is “or”… PRWeb or PRNewswire? As with a lot of things, it depends on who you are and what you’re doing. Since I’m a get to the point type of guy: Go with PRWeb and grow into PR Newswire. If you think you have that hit podcast, gadget people won’t be able to do without, small business idea, etc. and you have some cash to invest upfront (and you’ll be able to sustain it), go directly to PR Newswire.

Sign-up and Cost
You can go the websites and check out the features, but you can tell a lot from a companies membership application. PRWeb (PRW) has an on-line instant free sign up form with a few required fields and PR Newswire (PRN) charges $125 a year for membership, has a four page form you can email or fax in, and they will set up your account in a day or two. (That right there is enough to realize which one you’re likely to go with.)

Minimum for Press Release
PRW $10. PRN over $100. The services are obviously different.

Normal Press Release
By normal, I mean an average run of the mill nothing fancy release for their company. PRW $40-$120. PRN $645. Again, not exactly apples to apples comparison… you get a lot more with PRN, and as I said, if you can afford it go with them.

PRW… not so much compared to PRN… regional distribution $170 – $360, targeted distribution to markets $395 – $1985, and global distribution $8000.

Bottom line, if you’re reading this, you’re probably an independent podcaster wanting to know how to get a bit more visible. So unless you’re already a large company, or as I said, have that for sure thing that will bring in the big bucks: Go with PRWeb and grow into PR Newswire.


Mr. Business Golf (http://clickcaster.com/businessgolf) commented on a different post (prweb vs. prnewswire):
businessgolf – October 13, 2006[Edit]
I am looking for a free site that hits the markets of people who would want to know about Business golf…(another shameless plug). Until the cash flow is formed I am not in shape to move off into one of the sites that deposit an arm and a leg into their bank account each day. (speaking about hosting services)
My response:
5. Jeff – October 13, 2006[Edit]
Go check out http://www.jasonvanorden.com. He’s just released a book on podcast marketing and it may help you out. Also, see my post about on-line press release companies and consider sending a press release out.PR Newswire has what they call a ‘Microlist’ where they deliver your press release directly to reporters covering niche industries. I checked Golf correspondents / magazine writers… and they have 309 different writers that they will give your press release to for $325. Who knows, you might be called for an interview, get an article in a magazine, or have your book featured in a review?Not cheap, but the one time fee may be worth getting the recognition…?