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New Media Expo 2008 in Las Vegas October 1, 2007

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The name has changed again…

  • 2006: Podcast and Portable Media Expo
  • 2007: Podcast and New Media Expo
  • 2008: New Media Expo

… but from the sound of things, it’s still going to be the best podcasting conference out there and will continue to include talks, vendors, equipment, and software for podcasters and other new media users.

The venue has also changed. Announced at the 2007 conference, the New Media Expo 2008 is going to be:

August 14-16, 2008 at the
Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

Go to http://www.newmediaexpo.com for more information.


Podcast and New Media Expo Registration February 26, 2007

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DON’T MISS IT!!! – September 28-30, 2007
Ontario Convention Center – Ontario, California

It’s hard to believe the 3rd Annual Podcast and New Media Expo is just 7 months away!

Conference early bird deadline is Wednesday, February 28
$199 pricing for the entire conference ends this Wednesday, February 28. You can save $50 by registering before midnight on the 28th. Click here to go to the registration page now.

2006 Conference Audio
If you missed 2006, you can purchase an audio recording of the entire conference. Details of the 2006 sessions can be found here (Friday sessions) and here (Saturday sessions). Click here for purchase details.

The Levelator™ October 10, 2006

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Don’t miss this tool! The Levelator™ takes an audio file and normalizes the levels in the file. The perfect application, and one that many people deal with, is multiple speakers. Whether it’s two people and one mic (so one person is a little further away and may not sound as loud), multiple people with different mics or different levels, or the best application being an interviewee on a Skype call (maybe audio hijacked) and an interviewer on a mic… The Levelator™ will take a Wav or Aiff file and “level” all those various speakers.

I found out about this tool at the Podcast Academy / Podcast and Portable Media Expo… and it truly is a revolutionary tool. Find details here. Download this tool: http://www.gigavox.com/levelator.

Choosing A Hosting Service For Your Podcast October 9, 2006

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I started researching hosting services for podcasting and found about 85 different hosting services that I would say were established (nice website, many users, answered the phone when I called customer service, etc.). There were about 35 more that you could tell were newbies. I didn’t find an exclusive list, but I found two lists that were helpful:



You have to watch what list you’re looking at because a lot of them come from the host themselves who get a neutral domain name, put out a review of everyone, and make themselves look better than they are. The second link that I show is from odeo, but they do an okay job of being fairly neutral.

Based on what I learned from Podcast Academy and the Expo I attended a few weeks ago, I knew to look for things like:

  • the ability to use your own domain name
  • no ads
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • statistics
  • and other things…

So, I narrowed the list down to 10: Akamai, Big Contact, Genetic Hosting, GoDaddy, Hipcast, Libsyn, Odeo, Ourmedia, podOmatic, and Podshow. After that, I did further investigation of their service offerings, costs, and extra costs / software / etc. that you need in order to really get things done. Some offer ‘free’ hosting, only to find that if you want to do anything serious, you need to pay extra for their client software or premier package (some of which have a very large cost). I’d rather find a place that told you strait out, here’s what we have and do, and this is how much is costs (even if it is a lot).

Thinking about the extras idea above and using the tips collected from all those sessions at the Academy and Expo again, I narrowed my list of 10 down to three. Genetic Hosting integrates Podkive into their offering which is a great archival and management system for podcasts (saw them at the Podcast Expo). They also are very open about their costs. Libsyn appears to do somewhat of the same (archiving), and they have a pretty good attitude/nature overall as a business. They have also just released a pro version that caters more to businesses and schools who are looking to do multiple podcasts under one roof. It looks to have great features and upgraded resources. Akamai is the big dog, they are used by large companies. They have it all, but they know it.

After phone conversations, demos, and playing live with all three companies / products … Libsyn is my pick for the average podcaster. Genetic is too new… they will figure it out in time, but not just yet. Akamai is for companies, large businesses, and those of you that have the cash and want it all.

Find out more: http://libsynpro.com/.

UPDATE 1 (10/13/2006): I should have given you libsyn’s main site link, the link above is for businesses and schools with multiple podcasts. The link to the free area that the beginning podcaster can use is: http://www.libsyn.com.

UPDATE 2 (11/25/2006): I took a tour of libsyn pro recently. I think schools and universities should check it out as a hosting service if they are not into hosting podcasts themselves. It allows an entity to have multiple podcast producers, but keep all the maintenance and stats in one place across all of the podcasts. Also, it would be a good solution if you had multiple podcasts that you are producing and you don’t want the hassle of different accounts for each one.

Successful Podcasting in Education at the University Level October 5, 2006

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This is a quick note about the session with the same name at Podcast and Portable Media Expo 4 that took place on Friday, September 29, 2006 in Ontario, California… as well as my own thoughts on the subject:

See my series of posts on the Top 5 Reasons to Podcast at a University if you’re interested in the subject of university podcasting.

Podcasting at universities is a lot more than course casting. Universities are using podcasts to communicate to staff, recruit students, publicise the university, as well as many other things. “Successful” [anything] needs to be quantified/qualified. Is making it to the playoffs considered successful, or do you have to win the Superbowl to be a successful football team? I think it depends on perspective.

The perspective of some universities is that, we’re using the technology, so we are successful… and I think they’re right. If I learned anything from the expo, it was that podcasting is still a new thing. There are a lot of people doing it, but we’re all still trying to figure out the direction of where it will go while coming up with new and interesting ways to use it.

At Rice, we have had success with students launching internal podcasts to their residential college, the posting of a few classes on-line for download, and are working toward a unified front on how to reign in the technology and use it in targeted areas around the university.

Questions to ask:

  • Why?
  • How?
  • What will the university get out of it?
  • What will the listeners get out of it?

Brent K. Izutsu, from Stanford, talked about iTunes at Stanford. They have three different sections: an Academic site – tied to the course management system, a Community site – which includes, academic advising, training, etc., and a Public site – over 700 tracks consisting of lectures and presentations. The details? All audio is mp4, enhanced podcasts are 300×300 pixel, and video casts are h.264. They use snowball mics into a portable marantz recorder, an apple laptop connected through firewire, soundtrack pro to edit, then upload to itunes. Important: they now have an on-line speaker release form.

Obadiah Tarzan Greenberg, U.C. Berkeley has been using streaming video for a long time and then realized that they could let people take that video with them = podcasting. Open content is a key component of the institution’s mission and it’s a dream of some of the faculty that they teach to the world. They have podcast enabled classrooms, and one of the history podcasts made it to 23 in the iTunes podcast section last year.

The other speakers discussed other topics specific to their university and/or podcasting at large… but most of those issues were covered in other sessions of the conference.

I think both of the institutions listed about (Stanford and U.C. Berkeley) can be seen as being quite successful in the podcasting arena. Thanks again for taking the time to speak to us, during and after the session.

The Podcast and Portable Media Expo Sessions October 4, 2006

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This is a synopsis of the top three sessions that I attended at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo. I have to preface it by saying that the Podcast Academy (see my notes on yesterday’s post) the day before the conference covered a lot of the information that the expo sessions did. I would suggest anyone thinking about podcasting, already podcasting, interested in what others are podcasting, or who wants to know about issues surrounding podcasting… find the next Podcast Academy and go to it. The past podcast academy tracks have, of course, been podcasted… you can find them here.

Amateur Means You Do It For Love
Dave Slusher, Evil Genius Chronicles
No one knows anything definitive about which way podcasting is going, in the ‘big bang’ of podcasting the universe hasn’t stopped expanding. Monetization? The apostle Paul didn’t say money was the root of all evil, he said the love of money is the root of all evil. So don’t let people make you feel bad about making money, but it’s not the point of podcasting.

Questions to ask yourself if you want to get into podcasting… he asked these of his podcasting listeners.

Q: Why would you start doing this? A: i’ve got creativity to burn, i want to hear what i’m talking about, raise awareness.

Q: What kinds of things would you want out of it? A: the ability to communicate your experiences, impacting the people around you with your message, leaving an audio record of yourself.

Q: Why would you love doing it? A: the power of expression, feedback and love from the listeners.

Q: What would make you stop doing it? A: if you’re not doing justice to the thing your doing, the subject matter isn’t really interesting to me anymore, i’ve said everything i have to say, i want to do something else.

Q: How do you know you were a success? A: if i feel like i’ve done something interesting, if you’ve gained a skillset and have learned something, feedback from people.

Guerrilla Podcasting: Producing a Great Show With No Staff, No Time, and No Budget
Kevin Crossman, Frat Pack Tribute Podcast
Stick to niche content. A podcast is not a blog. Good topics are anything to do with music, tv, movies, travel, etc. Podcasting should be the extension of a good website. Buy and read the book Guerrilla Marketing – by Jay Conrad Leinson.

Topics covered:
– use unconventional promotion when possible, free publicity, word of mouth
– viral marketing – use listeners to spread your podcast
– time management – how much time can you commit? enough to do a great podcast?
– think about all the time needed for content, interviews, audio production, website, etc.
– record a test show – give it to family, friends, etc. and get input
– promote the show on forums, sending promos, etc.
– 30 minute podcast will take 3 hours to produce (average survey done)
– time savers? go live vs. multitrack? if live – castblaster software
– if multitrack – audacity, garageband3, adobe audition
– microphone and mixer is probably needed as well
– domains – http://www.yourshow.com, friendly url (not long), reserve alternatives as well
– media/website hosting – $10 / 1000 GB to unlimited bandwidth
– can use feedburner, but make sure they subscribe through your site
– separate your listeners – interested to intense
– solicit feedback from the listeners, and keep them informed
– let users leave voicemail and use it on your podcast k7.net – pick a number that is rememberable
– blog comments, show message board, allow people to email, send text attachments, audio files, etc.
– newsletter sent to listeners of the show
– get a po box so that people / consumers can send you things
– make use of online surveys – anonymous feedback (podtrac?)
– record the first entry in the rss as a promo and have it available, re-record it as needed
– forums – pickle, alley, 411, – yahoo podcasters group – get your name out there
– look professional – business cards, brochure, media, etc.
– learn more about podcasting as 411, confessions, underground, school of, today in, etc.

Promoting Your Podcast: Cost-Effective Strategies for Building Your Audience
Jason Van Orden, author of Promoting Your Podcast
– podcasting consultant – podcastingunderground.com
– internetbusinessmastery.com, gothamcast.com
– use guerrilla marketing – targeted, measurable, and cost effective
– walk a day in your listeners shoes
– itunes – browse, category, or search – can you find yourself?
– quality content, album art, release content regularly, feedvalidator.org
– title, description, keywords, subtitle / title:subtitle very important for keywords
– keywords are king – nichebot.com
– show notes, transcripts, supplementary articles
– casting com – transcript your show? (now it’s searchable)
– email list – create your own traffic, alternate means of communicating
– getresponse.com, awebber.com
– monetization – easy to make money with clicks (affiliate commission)
– call to action above the fold on the website
– provide clear instructions (rss, itunes link (itpc://), copy this link into…)
– press releases – create a story about it (prweb.com)
– podpress (plug in for wordpress), audible wordcast
– multiple formats with transcription

I know that some of the notes above are basically just keywords to trick my brain into remembering what was said… so if anyone is confused by what you see here… just comment on what you’d like me to clarify.

Update to “The Podcast and Portable Media Expo – Day 2 Keynote” Entry October 1, 2006

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This is a snippet of a comment that I received yesterday Steve (check out his podcast that he does with this 8 year old son at http://sgshow.blogspot.com/ where they talk about books, fun things for families to do together, and life):

“I left the keynote this morning scratching my head, wondering what the “big idea” was that Andrew wanted to convey.

I’m not sure if I hold successful media people to higher standards, but I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t say more that speaks to me as a small podcaster.”

Thanks Steve! I’m with you. I was a bit unimpressed with some of the presenters in general. I know some “don’t believe in powerpoint,” but sometimes it helps to organize thoughts and get points across. In some of the sessions that I went to, the presenter got a little crinkled piece of paper out of his pocket and proceeded to… just talk. I was expecting the rocketboom presentation to be much more focused, hence my “interesting” comment from yesterday’s post (as apposed to enjoyable, educational, inspiring, etc.).

I was at the conference with my friend Reagan and as we discussed it, he had a good comment. This technology is still being used in it’s beginning stages, and most of the presenters were individuals that have been doing it for a while. That means that they got in on the technology early and are probably, at the root, technology guys. They may be able to write RSS, and capture great video, compress files, and all that… but now we’re expecting them to be good presenters. It might have just been too much to ask of a few of them.

Disclaimer/Addendum/Caution: Don’t let any of the negative comments you read here discourage you from attending the next event that they have. It was well worth the trip and I will be doing it again next year.

The Podcast and Portable Media Expo – Day 2 Keynote September 30, 2006

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Andrew Michael Baron

Andrew Michael Baron, Rocketboom

This was more of a general session on rocketboom instead of a keynote, but still fairly interesting. Rocketboom is a ‘videoblog.’ If you take a popular blog, it has certain components. He explains that his videoblog is the same (title, topic, commentary). He also advised, as everyone does, that it’s good to set yourself up as filling a niche. Identify your audience, even if it’s a handful of people, and target them intensely. Get them involved. He started a wiki with info about the show, frequently asked questions, user feedback, etc.

They put out nine different video formats and part of why he thinks the show is so successful is that they put out rocketboom so it can be shared. He wants it to be as pervasive as possible. Not setting out to monetize it, he was just concerned about getting the content out there as far as he could. Then, he ‘gives’ things to his listeners that he thinks they would want (basically ads that they would be interesed in). Some of the dollar amounts that he was talking about were… high. Rocketboom is making a lot of money using that strategy.

The Podcast and Portable Media Expo – Day 1 Keynotes September 29, 2006

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Podcast and Portable Media Expo

So I’m here at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo. There seems to be a pretty large crowd here and I’m surprised at the demographic. It seems that Podcasting cuts across all ages, genders, etc. etc. etc. Here are a couple pics of the audience including my friend Reagan (drinking his coffee). By the way, the pictures were taken with my Palm Treo as a test to see if that’s going to be a good way of sharing pictures.

PPME - AudiencePodcast and Portable Media Expo - Audience2

The Keynote Address #1
Leo Laporte – TWiT.tv Host
What’s going to be important in podcasting?

Leo Laporte

Leo gave a general talk about the name of ‘pod’ casting. He wanted to tell us that we as podcasters need to tell people that podcasting, and consuming podcasts, in not dependent on apple. “You do not need an ipod to do listen to podcasts!” He, himself, is re-branding things that he does as ‘net’ cast. Netcasting better explains what he’s trying to do, so he says. I also think keeping away from Apple’s ‘pod’ word helps too (for two reasons – legal and personal).

He also emphasized Cooperation over Competition. Podcasting is too early of a media to have infighting. As podcasters, we should not be fighting each other for listeners. We need to grow the whole podcasting audience in general and it’s really important to spread the word.

The Keynote Address #2 – Ronald D. Moore
Executive Producer of Battlestar Gallactica
How the Battlestar Gallactica podcast got started a interesting stories surrounding it.

Ron Moore

In general, Ron talked about the phenomenon of his commentary podcast about Battlestar on the SciFi website. It was started for 5 episodes as a ‘stunt’ to get some buzz going with the on-line podcast, forum, and blog community. He talked about what the technology was when it started and what it is now, the interesting issues surrounding the logistics of doing it, and the feedback that he gets about it from viewers, actors, and executives.

Your First Blog Entry Always Stinks! September 28, 2006

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So why does everyone say your first blog, podcast, (enter new media that you are trying out here) stinks? Maybe it’s because you talk about something stupid like… why your first one stinks…?

I’m at the PODCAST ACADEMY before the Podcast and Portable Media Expo in Ontario, California. Right now I’m sitting here listening to Leo Laporte talk about TWiT, advertising, new media, etc.

I’ve just downloaded Podcast Maker to my Mac, signed up with WordPress, checked into FeedBurner, and done many other pocasting type things today. Though I’ve had much interaction with the technologies, read almost every book there is out there on the subject, and have been advising people on how (and more importantly why) to blog, podcast, and new technologies in general… I’ve actually never done it myself.

It’s not that I haven’t thought about it. I’ve been designing business models, processes, procedures, technology solutions, etc. for people, businesses, churches, and schools for a while. This, though, is really the start of actually getting into it and using the technologies.

I hope this is the start of a great thing.