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Promoting Your Podcast – Gaining More Listeners November 19, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Advertising, Podcast Marketing, Podcast Questions.

I received the following comment on one of my posts last week:


You have been a lot of help in the past. I finally got my podcast Losing Weight After Baby.com up and running on Libsyn. So far we have 11 shows. I have registered it on every directly I know of. According to the Libsyn stats we get about 100 downloads per a week.
How would you increase the exposer the show gets?

Thanks again,

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Good question.

Post to Websites, Forums, Podcasts, and Blogs:
First, I would do what you’re doing now. You posted a comment to my blog with the link to the rss feed and the itunes link. As long as you just don’t post the links, but ask something, say something meaningful, or stroke someone’s ego (i.e. “You have been a lot of help in the past.”… you won’t get spam filtered or deleted. Also, most blogs screen out more than two links, so be cautious about adding comments with three links on a blog. Find sites, forums, podcasts, and blogs about your subject. In your case, there are plenty of pregnancy sites / blogs that you could get into where the women will think about you later, and plenty of newborn sites that you could get on. Take a week and just find all of them. Dedicate yourself to posting meaningful and helpful posts on forums about your subject. Also, exchange audio promos or links with podcasters around the same subject. Just record an intro to another persons podcast, and mail it to them. Tell them you are willing to do the same on yours. Lastly, it goes without saying to get in all the podcast directories you can find.

Create a Press Release:
Press releases are a great way to get picked up by online media. Companies like PRWeb or PRNewswire can help you out with that. They’ll even let you pick and choose markets and sites for the press release to be distributed to. After doing this, you will see a big influx of listeners. Make sure you have a good set of shows (11 is good), the last one is amazing, and your last 3 or 5 have been fairly consistent (or else you’ll lose that initial influx).

Distribute Content Everywhere:
I’m now seeing the huge benefits of distributing your content to as many places as possible. Speaking in general terms, if your podcast is video, put it on youtube, google, veoh, etc. If audio, make a 30 second video promo of your podcast (it could just be pictures, an explanation, etc… BUT… it’s better to do something useful) and put that promo out there for everyone to see. The last still frame should say something like “Learn more at http:…” and give them the link. If you can help 50 people out there on YouTube with a clip of something you talked about on your last podcast… do it. Then, drive them to your site by telling them where to get more help. There are companies like TubeMogul that will help you do this as well… you submit your video to them… and they post it all over the net.

I think these three things will get you started, and will get you a lot more listeners than you have now. Creating a press release is a one time thing, unless you change something drastically. The content distribution is just good practice and should become routine. I think the most time consuming, but maybe the most important, is the connections you can make with other sites, forums, podcasts, and blogs.

Good luck!


Kiptronic and Revver October 5, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Advertising, Podcasting.
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There were two ad vendors at the Podcast and New Media Expo this year that, if you’re not familiar already, I wanted to tell you about. I am using the first one I list here for a certain situation through libsyn, and will start to demo the second shortly so that I can get some first hand experience at it.

1. Kiptronic
Kiptronic is a dynamic ad insertion company that you can utilize yourself, or use the built in features from your podcast hosting vendor like libsyn. I like it for several reasons. 1 – You can ‘swap’ ads with other podcasters. Record your clips, intros, ads, etc. and search the directory for podcasters who’s podcast you’d like to advertise on, and who might want to advertise on your podcast. 2 – Depending on when/where ads are inserted into your podcast, you can record intros and outros so that the first or last words that your listeners hear can be yours (and not an ad). 3 – you can pick and choose the options of your ads, including the sector of advertisers you’d like to stay with. There is also an area for you to explain to Kiptronic ad-podcast matchers what your podcast is about, and any advertisers you know you’d like to be involved with. 4 – Kiptronic works with both audio and video podcasts.

2. Revver
Revver is for video podcasts only, but is a pretty sweet deal. Designed for more of the video sharing crowd, it would be used for podcasters who want to get their videos out to masses, and don’t mind an ad being tacked onto the end of their video (especially if it’s free, and they get to split the earnings 50/50 with Revver). They actually host your video and pair your video with a targeted advertiser. You can then send that video all over the web, embed the video in your website, or link back to Revver. Whenever anyone follows the link from the last frozen ad frame from your video to the advertiser’s site, that is recorded with Revver and you get the proceeds.

If you’ve got a podcast, ever thought about monetizing it, but thought it was too complicated or hard to do so. Think again. After an account set up on Revver or Kiptronic, you can release your podcasts or upload your videos as usual, and they’ll do the rest. If you have an account with TubeMogul (a company that I told you about a few days ago), they will upload your video to Revver for you.

You may see and hear ads on some upcoming podcasts as I play with these advertisers in order to learn more for my students and clients. As always, as I have good or bad experiences, you’ll be the first to know.