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Interviewed by Linda Briggs of Campus Technology January 17, 2008

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Hey Everyone,

I was recently inteviewed by Linda Briggs of Campus Technology.  We had a conversation about podcasting in education and I think she did an excellent job taking my minutes of rambling and consolidating the responses.

Read the article online here:

Linda L Briggs, “Podcasting and Education,” Campus Technology, 1/16/2008, http://www.campustechnology.com/article.aspx?aid=57399


Interviewed on Web Axe Podcast November 25, 2007

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I was recently asked by Dennis Lembree, the founder of web development company CheckEngine USA which specializes in web usability, standards, and accessibility, to be a guest on Web Axe: a podcast and blog featuring practical web design accessibility tips.

Podcast #59: Jeffrey Frey on Accessible Podcasts

Dennis speaks with Jeffrey Frey and discusses accessible podcasting, guidelines on audio/video web accessibility, and Jeff’s role at Rice University.

Jeff is the Web Services Manager for Enterprise Applications in the Information Technology Department at Rice University. He provides technology solutions for faculty, staff, and students on campus as well as teaches new technology courses at the School of Continuing Studies. He is available for podcasting consulting, is involved in the creation of podcasts for businesses and non-profits, and has owned a technical consulting company and an audio/video recording studio.

Download Web Axe Episode 59 (Jeffrey Frey on Accessible Podcasts)

Links from Jeffrey Frey’s Blog

Transcription and other related services

50 Useful Activities on the Web October 19, 2007

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If you’re in the Houston area… I’m teaching another course at the Suzanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies at Rice University… cool things to do online. :)

I do almost everything online, from wasting time watching tv, to doing research and making money.  As you all know, I also love educating people on technology.  So, why not teach a class to show people things you can do online?  I’ve picked 50 of the most asked about topics and my most loved things to do on the web, and will take students to a few websites per topic.  We’ll be finding a date and getting a divorce, eating better and creating a will.  I’ll also go through a bit of internet safety and how to block some of the not-so-fun sites online.

Four Thursdays, November 8-December 6, 2007, 6:00-9:00 p.m. (no class November 22)
Click here to see the official listing online and to register (space is limited).

ByteShark Search October 9, 2007

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Have you seen this yet?


Search for “jdfrey” and see what comes up. Not too impressive, except for when you search for similar… it uses Optical Search Engine technology. It locates identical and similar objects across the Internet based on the objects’ digital signature, not its surrounding text. For example, if you have a picture of a car, you can upload that picture and use it to find web pages with that car picture, or similar car pictures.

You can add your own website, blog, podcast, etc. to byteshark by going to the website and clicking  ** Load a web site’s images **

The Why and How of Podcasting at Campus Technology 2007 July 31, 2007

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I did a poster session at the Campus Technology Conference in Washington, DC today on, what else, the Why and How of Podcasting. You can download a copy of the poster and email me if you have any questions about it.


My main observations from the people I talked to and the questions I got are:

  • a lot of people want to do podcasting just because they think they should be using the technology
  • most campuses are podcasting courses, but not really looking at all the different ways they could be using the technology to push out other types of information
  • coming from the angle of concentrating on your audience really hits home with people
  • a few people came up to me and asked “so, tell me about what this podcasting stuff is”… and were serious, no clue, not even an inkling (this really surprised me… but it goes to show you that there are still people out there who don’t know what it is)


So, I took the video ipod (as you can see from the picture) and played a couple classes with slides and voice overs to give people an idea of how that worked. You can see the mac there on which I basically plugged in a $30 headset and did a podcast for people while they watched (took 2 minutes). Those that were not into podcasting couldn’t believe how fast an easy it was. You can also see I took the H4. A lot of people wrote the specs on that down and I think if I had taken 25 or so with me, I could have sold them right there.

I think the only other thing I would have liked to have done is shown examples of the different reasons to podcast from other institutions. I really wasn’t set up to do that there. The poster probably should have been a full presentation… maybe next conference.

Class Notes April 17, 2007

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The first class of “The Why and How of Podcasting” course that I am teaching at the Rice University School of Continuing Studies was last night. Checkout the Podcasting Course page for up to the date information. The course outline and brief class notes (my talking points) are posted online.

We also recorded a podcast in the class. Listen to it at TheWhyandHowofPodcasting.com.

Asked to Present at Campus Technology 2007 March 23, 2007

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I was just asked to present a poster session on “The Why and How of Podcasting” at Campus Technology 2007 in Washington, D.C.

I have gathered a bit more info from colleagues and will be able to share them in a one hour Q&A session along with bringing along some podcasting equipment for show and tell.  Most of the equipment I take will be portable podcast recorders, but I may bring a board and a mic or two along with a couple laptops to demonstrate on.

Campus Technology 2007 will be held from July 30th to August 2nd 2007 and really gives information technology professionals at educational institutions the opportunity to meet with and learn from peers.

Poster presentations will be held July 31 and August 1 from 2:00-3:00 each day in the foyer entrance to the Exhibit Hall.  I’m not sure which day I’ll be presenting… but they’ll have about 20 other poster sessions going on at the same time.

For more information on the conference, go to the conference web site:

More Rice University Course Info – Podcast Transcript 11 March 16, 2007

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The Links and Transcript to “11 – More Rice University Course Info” (3:50) released March 18, 2007 (click here to listen):

The Links:

The Transcript:

Hi, J.D. Frey here from the why and how of podcasting. There’s less than a month left until the course at the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies at Rice University, and I wanted to give those attending a little bit more info about what we’ll be doing and what they should expect in the course.

First, if you’re not enrolled and you’ve been *thinking* about signing up, as of last week there were still spots open. I’m not sure how many, but call 713-348-48 zero 3 to register for the course. That’s 713-348-48 zero 3.

If you’re *already* signed up for the course and listening to this… welcome! I’m looking forward to getting to know you, you’re podcasting ambitions, and help you plan, produce, publish, and promote your podcast.

Podcasting is a great way for a company to market themselves or communicate with employees, a church, ministry or non-profit to get their message out to world of listeners or communicate with members or volunteers, or just one person who has a passion about something and wants others to know about it… there are obviously many reasons to podcast… and I’m looking forward to hearing why you, coming to the class, want to do it.

So, what will we be doing in class? Our first class is April sixteenth and we will be, as I just said, sharing why we’re there and what our podcasting ambitions are. I also want to know what attendees need to get out of the class to make sure that I’m covering everything… and then we’ll be going through partaking of podcasts: how to find them, podcatchers, examples of great podcasts and maybe not so great ones… and they’ll be time left for breaks, discussions and a podcast that we produce in the class each week. It will be released here on the why and how of podcasting feed so that you can listen to it and others can hear what you’re up to in the class.

There will be homework each week that we’ll talk about or use in the following weeks class… don’t worry… it’s not a lot… you can put as much or as little effort as you want into it… it’s after all for you to learn more and work on your podcast.

Our second class will focus on planning your podcast with issues surrounding things like format, duration, equipment and such.

The third class will be all about audio. The fourth about video and screencasting. And in the fifth class we’ll talk about publishing a podcast… and not just a feeds or tags, but the other elements that podcasters use to really get their podcast out there… which kind of takes us into the sixth and last class on podcasting promotion. By that time, you’ll have watched me do a podcast like this one from start to finish, produced a podcast in class as a class, and you’ll publish your own self created podcast.

The lab that we’ll be in is Windows Operating system based, but I’ll also have a Mac OS X laptop and maybe a couple other machines that I bring in to talk about the software differences and demonstrate on.

I think that’s about all the info I had for you on the course. If you are thinking about attending and have questions, or you ARE attending and want to know something more about a class, have an issue with the date, need to contact me for some special instructions… email me at jdfrey@rice.edu… that’s J D F R E Y at rice dot E D U… or simply give me a call at 713-348-5827.

I’m J.D. Frey… if you’ve signed up for the course… I’m looking forward to meeting you soon… if you’re in the Houston area and you haven’t yet… do it… it’s going to be fun… as always… thanks for listening.

Why Do You Podcast? January 26, 2007

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This week… I decided to quickly answer the 5 “W”s of me and how I podcast (who, what, where, when, and why). So… why do I podcast?

I podcast because I want people to podcast. I want them to see how easy it is, hear how it can be done, and venture out on their own to make a podcast. I don’t care if it’s a person, business, student, or whoever. I think everyone has a voice and should be sharing it. I used to help people do that with videos and CDs, but now I have podcasting that I can tell people about. What a great technology!

When Do You Podcast? and How Long Does It Take You? January 25, 2007

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This week… I’m quickly writing responses to the 5 questions that I get asked about me and how I podcast.  Yesterday was where, tomorrow will be why.

When do I podcast?

Good question.  I try to do it at night or on weekends when there isn’t any construction activity.  (There is some construction going on a few streets over from my house, and every once in while I get a construction truck back up beep, beep, beep, beep… it’s bad.)  There is also a train close by, but the city put up a little webpage to show where the train is and an approximation of when it will come and how long it will be.  I try to time my podcast recordings in between the train schedule.  At least, if I start, I know I’ll have to stop in x number of minutes and can start up again in y number of minutes.

How long does it take to do a 5 minute podcast?

Another good question.  If I don’t script the podcasts that I do, just write some notes, and don’t care about editing… a five minute podcast could take 7 or 8 minutes to record, 2 minutes to add eqs and music to, and five minutes to listen to.  A post takes a couple minutes and then I usually get a script back from a podcast transcription service in a day.  I then post that.  All in all, 15 minutes on the short end.

Where Do You Podcast? January 24, 2007

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This week… I’ve decided to quickly answer the 5 “W”s of me and how I podcast (who, what, where, when, and why).

There are four places available to me to podcast.  One, at the Rice University Digital Media Center.  There is a closet there that is set up with a professional microphone and a mac with garage band and audacity.  Two, Rice IT has a video podcasting room that I haven’t ever personally used, but clients have.  IT will help you with the editing and the posting of your podcast.  The third place isn’t really a place.  You can podcast anywhere if you have the right equipment.  I have a Roland Edirol R-09 portable digital recorder and have access to a lot of other portable recorders that friends have.

Fourth, and where I do most of my work, is my home.  I have a mac with garage band and audacity on it and a pc with audacity and pro tools from my recording studio days (cakewalk is on there as well).  What I really use is my Roland VS2480.  It’s a digital recording board with effects and editing.  I have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse attached to it and all my jingles/sound/effects/eqs/etc. are stored in there.  I power it on, bring up my podcast settings and start recording.  I also use two Shure KSM44s condenser microphones for recording.  Sometimes I audio hijack skype voicemails and sometimes I run them right into my board as another channel and use headphones.  I use the levelator if levels are different.  I use libsyn as my host.

I think that covers the Where… and maybe even the How…?  Thanks for the questions.

What Do You Do? and What Do You Podcast About? January 23, 2007

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This week… I’m quickly answering the 5 most frequent questions that I get asked about me and how I podcast.  Check back tomorrow for “where do you podcast?”

My day job is at Rice University where I help faculty, staff, and students on just about anything they ask me to do.  http://webservices.rice.edu

I’m going to be teaching a class about podcasting at the Rice University School of Continuing Studies, so right now, I’m personally doing a podcast about that.  I’ll use the podcast during the class to showcase some of the students.  http://www.thewhyandhowofpodcasting.com

You can see me and hear my voice on a lot of podcasts (friends, ministries, research groups at Rice), though I try to stay silent and out of the way on them most of the time.  I consider all those client projects and don’t really associate myself with them completely because it might look as if I’m endorsing them.

Who Are You? January 22, 2007

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This week… I’m going to quickly answer 5 questions that I get asked about me and how I podcast. Today: who… tomorrow: what.

You can read a bio about me on a few different sites, including this blog. They tend to say what I do, and not who I am. I was born on March 23, 1975. I grew up in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania (north of Pittsburgh), and moved to Ohio after graduating from Beaver County Christian School (high school). I attended Kent State University while I lived in Massillon, Ohio. I married my wonderful wife Stephanie in 1997 and we moved to New Orleans for me to take a job with an energy resource construction company. I worked my way through the ranks of a developer, to development supervisor, to manager of application development, etc. etc. etc. I owned my own business in which we helped small businesses do marketing (video, web, and print). I also owned a recording studio and helped churches, ministries, and non-profits make CDs, instructional videos, and things like that. Right now, I embrace just about any new technology that comes along for a short time until I see if it’s going to work for my clients, friends, business/churches I help. I’ve seen podcasting open a lot of doors for the people I advise about technology and I’m going to keep on this path until I see something else that I should be pushing out to them. Thanks for the question.

Two Podcasting Sessions at the Educause Southwest Regional Conferece 2007 January 4, 2007

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I’m excited to see that I’m not the only one talking about podcasting at our upcoming regional conference of Educause. Click here to go to the conference website. Two out of the 10 sessions in the track titled “Technology Tools and Infrastructure” are about podcasting. The popular topic of online learning is well represented with three sessions, two more are around libraries and digital archiving, and the rest are about virtualization, PDAs, and VoIP. What does this say to the direction of podcasting in education? Well, considering that last year’s conference didn’t have any sessions on podcasting, I’d say we’re headed in the right direction.

At this year’s conference, Stuart Glogoff, Sr. Consultant in the Learning Technologies Department at The University of Arizona, will be giving a talk entitled: “Campus Casting Call: Engaging Students and Faculty with Podcasting.”

He will be talking on how the Learning Technologies Center at The University of Arizona is leading a campus initiative that weaves podcasting into classroom and distance instruction. The melding of this new technology with the traditional classroom, online and hybrid instruction, and hands-on student experience brings more flexibility to instructors and a deeper learning experience to students.

UPDATE: See this post for more info on his presentation. 

My talk, “The Why and How of Podcasting,” will talk through some of the research that I’ve done on why colleges and universities podcast. Hopefully, this will spark some ideas in the minds of the attendees and they will find new answers as to why they should be podcasting. I also want them to go away understanding the step-by-step process of podcasting, and I plan to put together handout that list the technical requirements (hardware/software/audio/etc) of a podcaster/podcasting studio with specific setups for all budgets.

UPDATE: View my presentation here. 

Both sessions are on Thursday, February 22, 2007. Stuart will be speaking from 9:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. and my session is from 2:30 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

Word of the Year – from ‘Podcast’ to ‘Carbon Neutral’ January 1, 2007

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Podcasting – an act, a social interaction, a communication tool between individuals, a way of empowering people who have a message to take to nations… all around a very big deal. How big? I was thinking about the new year and thought about how podcasting was the word of the year for 2005, and carbon neutral was designated just a few months ago for 2006 by the New Oxford American Dictionary.

Being carbon-neutral means that you don’t run on an energy source that comes from fossil fuels… or… if you do, the carbon that is released can be cancelled out by something else that is done. This word is a description of the process, but also has bigger implications. Becoming carbon neutral means a better environment for everyone.

Thinking along those lines and realizing that each word of the year is relatively as important as the next… does that show you how important podcasting really is? Being carbon-neutral has an effect on the health of the entire world. How about podcasting?

I have listened to podcasts that have bettered my life tremendously, and those of my family and friends. Knowledge that is communicated over the media has not only impacts individuals, but businesses, religions, educational institutions, and political movements just to name a few.

Podcasting is a technology, yes… but I believe it to be a earth changing technology that I will continue to research and promote in this new year.