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Higher Ed Hero: Create a 5 Minute Podcast; A Step-by-Step Tutorial Webinar February 11, 2009

Posted by Jeff in General.

I just got a question about my next Higher Ed Hero event:

Hi Jeff, I have a question about the upcoming audio conf.

I’m confused by the use of the term “webinar” to describe this session when it appears we won’t be doing anything online during the hour long session.  Will we do anything online in the session, maybe as we follow along in the handout?

We are trying to justify the cost of the session considering it appears we just listen and get a PDF version of some tips and techniques. We would prefer to actually see someone create a podcast, watch the steps, discuss tips/techniques, etc., and have an opportunity for questions.

Thanks in advance for addressing my questions.

Good questions!

The last event that I did with Higher Ed Hero was an audio conferecence.  Attendees received a PDF document and followed along as I spoke about the “what,” “why,” and “how” of podcasting.

This NEW conference truly will be a webinar.

I will indeed create and publish a podcast, discuss how I’m doing it and talk about tips along the way.  I’ll create about a 5 minute podcast in 45 minutes on two different platforms (mac and pc) using free software available on both.  I think it will be beneficial for people who want to know what the steps of podcasting are and learn well by watching someone else go through the motions.

Hope that helps!!!

Details of the webinar:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Podcasting has had a revolutionary impact on today’s colleges and universities.  In order for higher education professionals to reach an increasingly more tech savvy population of students and colleagues they must to learn to harness the power of podcasting.  Join us for a 60-minute webinar where you and your colleagues will discover:

•    Podcasting Essentials: How to Create Professional Quality Podcasts
•    The 7 stages of podcasting – From Conception to Launch
•    Editing Tips & Tricks – How to Create Professional Effects
•    How to Take Your Podcast Public

The Podcasting Checklist – What You Need to Know
•    Pre-Podcasting questions you should be asking
•    Tools of the Trade – where to get the necessary software for FREE
•    Setting up your recording environment to ensure radio quality sound

Podcasting Fundamentals- The ABC’s of Creating an MP3 File
•    How to record first-class audio – no professional studio necessary
•    Editing audio- How to add equalization, effects & background music
•    Encoding audio – how to convert your file to Podcast format

Syndication- Everything Your Need to Know to Take Your Podcast Public
•    The lowdown on uploading- how to put your podcast in the public eye
•    RSS Feeds- what to watch for & changes that effect your audience
•    Guarantee Success- How to put your podcast to the test

Live question and answer session – Have your specific podcasting questions answered.

Link to Higher Ed Hero here: http://www.higheredhero.com/8R/0



1. sjctrainers - February 11, 2009

Thanks for the quick update. May I suggest you update the page that lists the upcoming session so this is clear. I was looking at the info here: http://www.higheredhero.com/8R/0

There is no mention that it is a ‘live web based’ event. It still reads as an audio conference with a PDF that will be emailed a week before.

I assume we will be provided with a link to watch the webinar? And what platform are you using (WebEx, Adobe Connect, Wimba, etc…)?


2. Jeff - February 11, 2009

Thanks Brian.

I informed HigherEdHero of the incorrect info. They have a proprietary company they use for the webinar, but yes, it’s something like Adobe Connect.

3. Brian - February 12, 2009

Thanks Jeff! I think we’ll be signing up for the March 12th session now that you cleared up the details. After we pay and attend, do we get a link or something to an archived version of the session?

Jeff - February 12, 2009

Higher Ed Hero handles all of that… but I think you get access to a recording of the session. I know the audio conference folks got CDs mailed to them. Alternatively, you could set up some screen capture software on your computer and record the session… even use speaker phone and a mic and grab the audio. Just a thought.

4. John Black - June 24, 2011

Hey jeff your podcasting informations going to be really useful for me ive been using a program called mixmeister to mix my mp3 tracklists and i was really keen to start podcasting them so thanks!

5. Jeff - June 27, 2011

I’ll be speaking for HigherEdHero again… online web conference… August 11th if you’re interested. A simple walk through of the steps needed to podcast… from script to iTunes.

6. aditirao - September 26, 2011

Ok, now can you teach me how to run a webinar?! (:

7. qblzpcmf@gmail.com - February 21, 2014

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