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Higher Ed Hero December 27, 2008

Posted by Jeff in General.

FYI… I’ll be giving an audio conference in a couple weeks through Higher Ed Hero… the website is here: http://www.higheredhero.com/59/0

Podcasting on Campus: Why, How, & What You Need to Know to Do it Better

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 / 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (Eastern)

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The portable and on-demand nature of podcasting makes it a technology worth pursuing, implementing, and supporting. Not to mention student demand. But is your school making the most of all that podcasting has to offer? Join us for a 60-minute audio conference where you and your colleagues will discover:

  • What is a Podcast?
  • Learn the top 6 Reasons to Podcast as a University
  • Step-by-step Guide to Podcasting
  • Learn the Technology and Resource Requirements of Podcasting
  • The most common Podcasting pitfalls & how to avoid them


This practical 60-minute, audio conference will provide you and your colleagues with new answers to the what, why, and how of podcasting.


  • Podcasting on Campus-More than Meets the iPod
    • Podcasting questions you should be asking
    • Course – casting – taking teaching & learning to a whole new level
    • How to employ podcasting for faculty & staff development
    • How to use podcasts in your enrollment and fundraising efforts
  • iPod Therefore I am – What You Need to Know to Produce Podcasts
    • The 7 stages of podcasting – from conception to subscription
    • Tools of the Trade – podcasting technical & resource requirements
    • How to Build a Podcasting Studio on ANY budget
  • Potential Podcasting Problems – How to Avoid Them on Your Campus
    • How to stay ahead of the podcast learning curve
    • Podcasting Legal Issues – What you need to know to avoid them
    • Tips & Tricks for providing IT support for podcasters
  • Live question and answer session – Have your specific podcasting questions answered


1. Brian - February 11, 2009

Hi Jeff, I emailed the info @ higheredhero.com address adn received an undeliverable reply. I have a question about the upcoming audio conf.

I’m confused by the use of the term “webinar” to describe this session when it appears we won’t be doing anything online during the hour long session. Will we do anything online in the session, maybe as we follow along in the handout?

We are trying to justify the cost of the session considering it appears we just listen and get a PDF version of some tips and techniques. We would prefer to actually see someone create a podcast, watch the steps, discuss tips/techniques, etc., and have an opportunity for questions.

Thanks in advance for addressing my questions.


2. Jeff - February 11, 2009

Hi Brian, good questions. This post is for the first podcasting audio conference I did with High Ed Hero. The second one is really a webinar. See this post: https://jdfrey.wordpress.com/2009/02/11/higher-ed-hero-2/

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