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Automatic Sync Technologies September 22, 2008

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Transcript.

It’s not every day that you’re watching a demo of a product and then see your name on the bookmark bar.  It’s actually a really good product too!!!

Automatic Sync Technologies provides automatic capturing services for video. They also have technology licensing for lip sync, audio search, and audio synchronization. Check out their website at http://www.automaticsync.com.

Here’s a screenshot of the video demo for CSU’s solution. Look at the bookmarks bar at the top :)



1. Len - November 18, 2008


Thank you very much for your time and effort.

I began university studies somewhat later in life. I progressed from sitting in the back row in the lectures taking notes to a digital voice recorder, recording at the back of the lecture theatre. Then due to the poor sound quality, I moved forward and now sit in the front row with the digital voice recorder positioned on the lecturer’s lectern. The digital voice recorder I was using at the time had an internal memory 128k and was a JNC brand.

From that point I progressed to becoming lazy in my note taking and had the misfortune of the lecturer ‘bumping’ the digital voice recorder which broke and with it went many hours of lectures I had not transcribed.

At this point I purchased an Olympus DS 4000 digital note taker. I was not impressed with the quality of the recording when replaying the lecturers.

I then began the search for information and came across pod-casts and thankfully your website. After having reviewed you comments I purchased a ZOOM H2. I have found the H2 to be a good unit with the worry of dropping it never far from my mind. I travel a great deal and listen to the lectures at every opportunity (so I need to travel light). To this end I have purchased a small external microphone (battery powered) to go with the H2. I also have purchased rechargeable batteries which have saved me a great deal.

I am now aware Olympus have a new machine the LS 10, this unit purportedly has good sound quality, external memory slot and speaker/s. I was wondering what your thoughts were of this unit in comparison with the H2. I am also aware it comes with a remote controller. Is this compatible with ‘Dragon’ software?

I mainly use the digital voice recorder to record and play the lecturers without doing the podcast thing and posting it. I may from time to time make a copy and forward it to a fellow student, but that is the extent of it. I don’t have the time to spend doing enhancements on the computer and my knowledge of that is quite limited.

In short I need something portable with good sound quality and the ability to use various SD cards for the various lecturers to listen to.

On a slightly different note, what are your thoughts o the new ‘pulse’ or ‘smart pen’.

Once again thank you for all your time and effort in this field and I wish you all the best in your future pursuits.


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3. RoseBodge - October 29, 2011

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