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Podcast Producer November 15, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Podcasting.

Included in the new Apple operating system, Leopard, is an application under the Utilities folder called Podcast Producer.  It’s an easy way to publish podcasts without going through a lot of the steps that you need to now with automated processing, encoding, tagging, uploading etc… it makes it very easy for anyone to publish a podcast.

What I haven’t quite figured out is why they wouldn’t allow the application to be fully functional without a server component as well.  Upon clicking the icon on the client, it immediately asks you for a server name.  This server will be used to publish to once the audio / video has been captured, or once you have designated a file that you want to use for the podcast.  Cancelling this screen takes you out of the applicaiton.

If you do desgnate a server location, username, and password, you can use a built in microphone or camera to record your file… say you’re done, complete a couple meta data fields, and the file is encoded, tagged, and put into an iTunes readable RSS feed on your server.  It’s that easy.

I think this is a GREAT tool for institutions, churches, small businesses, etc. that can put up their own Leopard server and want to easily publish podcast feeds to their website.  We’re just dabbling in this now, and you may be able to play with this more than I right now… but… I’m sure I’ll have updates for you on how we’re using it in the future.

Download the Podcast Producer Manual.




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