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Microphone with Built-in Memory – The HHB FlashMic October 26, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Audio Equipment.

Welcome to the world of broadcasters. Instead of a portable recorder, a mic cable, and a mic… just combine them all into one unit. The HHB FlashMic does just that. You can read the specs off the website just as easily as I could copy them here, and don’t forget to search for a good review. Word is, it’s great for video podcasting… you can use your camera for the video and the microphone for audio. Upload them separately into your favorite editor, and sync them. You get pristine audio without a wire or wireless system. Plus, you can use it while the camera isn’t rolling. Getting interview material, voice overs, ambient noise, etc. quickly and easily in the same track.

Go to http://www.hhb.co.uk/flashmic

[click for larger image]



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[…] Portable Podcast Recorder – Roland Edirol R-09 November 9, 2006 Posted by Jeff in Podcast Audio Equipment, Podcasting. trackback 10/27/07 – UPDATE – search portable podcast recorder on my blog for info on the Handy H4 (my favorite right now) and the little H2 Recorder.   Also, you have to check this out: FlashMic. […]

2. Shams Bhai - January 4, 2009

A very Nice Website Ive seen Uptill. Excellent post. Keep it up! Good day

3. Audio Equipment Speakers - February 24, 2009

Cool idea here. For those who are out in the field alot this makes perfect since. I was wondering how much info can it store at one time?

Jeff - February 24, 2009

The last I checked, it had 1GB of memory.

4. Andy R - June 25, 2010

I’ve been suggesting this HHB mic to a lot of people lately for podcast recording or interview recording for transcription purposes. Here’s a few other equipment choices updated in June 2010 people may want to see. Top 4 Equipment Choices to Improve Your Podcast Recordings

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