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Podcasting Magazines October 2, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Blogging, Podcast and New Media Expo, Podcast Books, Podcast Instruction, Podcasting.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a post on these two magazines, but I saw them at the expo this year and it reminded me that I should.

Any magazine that comes out about podcasting is going to have a lot of ads. They’re going to have to be ad driven in order to make enough money to produce the magazine. That’s just a fact. What I like about these magazines though… is that I actually READ the ads. Their all about stuff I need (okay… want) anyway and things that I can tell clients and friends they should be buying (mostly so I can play with them and not have to pay). Also, you’ll see full page spreads on the latest class, conference, or discussion that you should be attending that you didn’t know about before.

Podcast User Magazine
Over 20 issues now, and each one has interviews, news that you should actually read and know, and reviews of upcoming events as well as explanations of past ones. The best thing I like about this magazine is that is usually has some educational articles in it as well. Last month was about microphone proximity. Maybe the very best thing about it is that the online pdf version of it is a free download.

They are on their sixth or seventh issue now, and it has rapidly become a great magazine. Not only does it have reviews of hardware / software, in-depth looks at conferences, lots of short snippets from podcasting news, but the contributing writers are great. The website is a bit of a struggle to navigate and ‘read’ the magazine from, so I suggest subscribing for the $80 a year.



1. Larry Genkin - October 6, 2007

Thanks Jeff. We’re working out the kinks in our new digital magazine software and in a week or so Blogger & Podcaster should be much easier to navigate on the web. Our digital edition will come with full multi-media so readers will get video, audio etc. I think it will be worth the wait.


Larry Genkin
Blogger & Podcaster Magazine

2. Jeff - October 6, 2007

Good to know Larry! I really enjoy the magazine and will be ecstatic to be able to consume rich media content from it online. I’ll check the site and keep my readers / students informed.

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