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10 Secret Habits to Podcast Stardom with Franklin McMahon September 29, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Podcast and New Media Expo, Podcast Instruction, Podcasting.

Franklin McMahon went through 10 habits to making your podcast a dominate force on the new media scene… and how to be a rock star.  He talked about how these secret habits need to be practiced over and over again.  Here are my notes:

1. Market out of the podcast bubble
⁃ other podcasters first, targeted promo creation
⁃ but not just that, do press releases, tv, radio
⁃ target the world, how to tvs, cell phones, game consoles, etc.
⁃ work social networks and get into where your niche is
⁃ quality of places and what you do with them is better than quantity
2. Take aim at profitability
⁃ your podcast is making as much as you want it now, no more no less
⁃ deal with money, be comfy with it
⁃ make it a mission to make money if you want to, focus on it
⁃ don’t handle revenue or sales, delegate it
⁃ make sure profits help you grow the show
3. Promote what separates you
⁃ look at what you have that others do not have
⁃ be unique and stress your strength
⁃ how many elements does your show contain that can’t be found elsewhere?
⁃ you? you can’t get you on other shows, promote that
⁃ make them love you or hate you, people get passionate about it
⁃ don’t make it so everyone will love it, disagree with some things
4. Be a rock star
⁃ confidence, big vision, no talent needed… just drive, be tenacious
⁃ face forward, market everything with your images
⁃ a lot is luck, chance meetings, running into people, etc
⁃ get a professional photographer
⁃ secret to getting what you want… ask
⁃ audio is intimate, video is personal… fans are dedicated
5. Create a community
⁃ it’s a family, not a show, bring people into your community
⁃ a community will stay with you if something goes wrong
⁃ they can be steered as well, moved to do things
⁃ higher numbers let you take more changes
⁃ start a movement, rally the fans, let them do things
6. Content before marketing
⁃ don’t get lost on the web, keep the content flow going
⁃ under promise and over deliver
⁃ treat stats professionally, not personally
⁃ stats are like waves, need to shake them to get them going
⁃ don’t let production weight you down, low res is better than no res
⁃ blog is not the best website for every show… think differently
7. Don’t make a show, build a brand
⁃ do several shows, formats, ratings, demographics, etc.
⁃ time, skills, imagination, and who… 4 career stages
⁃ niche or go wide, middle ground is boring
⁃ create a new market, a new industry, be first, be best
⁃ know who your market is, keep on topic
⁃ position yourself as an expert, become the go-to person on it
8. Have a game plan
⁃ have a plan, goals, benchmarks, roadmap how it’s going to work
9. Delegate what you’re not good at
⁃ get a designer for your logo and website
⁃ some might not even get to the show if the site is lame
⁃ you may have 30 seconds to win them over on your website
10. Smart Interacting
⁃ message boards vs. emails
⁃ once they are in your world, work hard to keep them
⁃ have other people
⁃ watch when you let people behind the scenes, balance, don’t reveal everything
⁃ keep some things a mystery
11. One more thing
⁃ help others, it always comes back to you



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