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Screencasting 101 with Don McAllister of ScreenCastsOnline.com September 28, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Podcast and New Media Expo, Screencasting.

Notes from today’s Screencasting session at the Podcast and New Media Expo:

About ScreenCastsOnline
   – Weekly Video Podcast launched August 2005
   – Primarily Mac Software Video Tutorials
   – Over 120+ screencasts

Business Model
   – Free Content
   – Free Show – 640X360 resolution – every fortnight
     o via RSS and iTunes
     o Full show list on website – categorized and searchable
   – Open forum for Mac related discussions and show comments
   – Extra! Membership – $45 to join incl. 6 months, $25 renewal
   – Member only premium content shows
   – Full screencast each week – High Definition, ED & iPod
   – Access to entire back catalogue
     o multiple secure RSS feeds for year and resolution
     o Secure members website with direct links
   – Sponsored shows
   – Affiliate arrangements with software vendors
   – DVD Sales
   – Corporate screencasts
   – Adsense ads
   – Some Statistics (Libsyn L.E.S. Statistics – September 2007)
     o Previous Days Downloads 7,700
     o Previous Weeks Downloads 36,800
     o Previous Months Downloads 127,1414
     o Total Raw Requests 4.4 million

What is a ScreenCast
   – Non interactive video demonstration of software or web applications on a computer desktop accompanied by spoken content.

Benefits of ScreenCasting
   – Extremely effective learning method
   – Visual (Spatial) Learning
   – Relay complex instructions easily
   – Allows viewer to understand context
   – Allows viewer to focus on subject
   – Video – delivered via iTunes
   – Easy to perceive value – training
   – Potential for monetization
   – Deliver HD content in relatively small file sizes (20 minute HD Video = 4.4 GB compresses to 62 MB)

Mac Software
   – Snapz Pro X, iShowU
Windows Software
   – Techsmith Snagit, Techsmith Camtasia Studio
Cross Platform
   – Techsmith Jing Project
   – Know your subject or at least the topic
   – Analyze the best approach
     o Basics – Advanced – Re-inforce
   – Create your materials
     o Scenarios, Documentation, Graphics
     o Set in context
   – Set screen resolution to match capture
   – Use Animation Codec for lossless capture – frame rates?
   – Record in small segments
   – Record in high quality audio
   – Avoid “Dead Screen” as much as possible
   – If you screw up, record again but keep continuity
Additional Capture Tips – From a Mac Perspective
   – Create a new user account for capture
   – Clear menu bar, clear desktop, clear folders
   – Real Time Effects
     o Omni Dazzle
     o Boinx MousePose 2
     o iMovie HD & Final Cut Express – Non editable presets – Use HDV (1280X720) or DV (PAL or NTSC)
     o Final Cut Pro
        § Can use customized settings so will accept virtually any resolution or codec
        § Multi Layer Video and Audio Track
        § Final Cut Studio also includes Motion and Compressor
Specialized Hardware
   – Dual Monitor display
   – Dedicated keyboard
   – Secret Weapon Shuttle Pro2
     o Dedicated Jog Wheel
     o Programmable Keys
     o Macros
Final Cut Pro Trip
   – Switch on the wave form in the audio track
   – Turbo charge your typing
   – Use Freeze Frames
   – Export finished video in full quality from Final Cut pro
     o Pixelmator Tutorial – 20 minutes = 4.4 GB @ 1280X720
   – H.262
     o Scaleable, efficient, excellent results
     o Becoming ubiquitous due to iTunes
     o Flash support H.264
   – Quicktime Pro
     o Inexpensive
     o Fully featured
     o Ideal for single jobs (but can be used for multiple jobs)
     o Can also be used for trimming and basic editing
   – Compressor
     o Part of FC Studio
     o Presets & droplets
     o Multiple Jobs
     o Batch processing
     o Distributed encoding
   – So what values to use to reduce the file size
     o H.264 codec
     o Frame Rate: 12-15 fps (as low as 5fps)
     o Resolution – Reduce in multiples:
     o 1280X720, 960X540, 640X360, 320X180
     o Data Rate: Automatic or experiments
     o Quality: medium to Best
     o Warning – Apple presets make huge files

   – You have content – normal podcasting workflow kicks in!
   – Personally…
     o Website: SiteGround for Hosting, Rapidweaver
     o Media File Hosting: Libsyn – Unlimited bandwidth
     o RSS Feed Creation: Feeder – Multiple Feeds
     o Membership management: aMember
     o Payment System: PayPal
     o coupon code: pnme2007
     o More information on monetizing your podcast: at http://www.podcast-monetizer.com



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