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Podcast and New Media Expo 2007 Session about Viral Video September 28, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Podcast and New Media Expo, Podcasting.

What makes video viral? I found out at a session at the Podcast and New Media Expo 2007 conference.

Who was there:
– Molly Wood – CNET’s Buzz Report
– Tim Street – French Maid TV
– Brett Wilson – Tube Mogul
– Lynn Langit – Microsoft
– Cathy Brooks – Freelance Producer

When you say Viral Video what do you think of?
– good product
– good packaging
– good distribution
– and something that is remarkable… a video that makes you want to say something to someone about it
– i think of a frustrating endeavor
– a video that appears out of nowhere, crops up
– cannot predict it
– examples: d*ck in the box, ms south carolina , dramatic squirrel, sneezing panda, talking cats
– you CAN plan to have a viral video
– showed the internet people video
– spectacle comes first, then story
– early video documented things (like a train) but viral is a movie (like a train robbery)
– must have emotions triggered by the video (which he stated last year)

Can you plan for virality?
– it’s getting harder to be seen
– send it everywhere (distribution)
– tag it and make the right meta data decisions, have the right thumbnail (packaging)
– prom queen has  great thumbnails
– an audience or a userbase will forward the video around
– planning is key, yes, but it doesn’t insure that you’ll be viral
– everyone does not have to be in on it
– you should have an audience in mind
– it will make the video more effective
– the leave brittney alone guy – 10 million views in one week
– lots of emotions evoked – now has a tv deal
– french maid – funny and sexy
– 6 episodes – last episode has 3 million views on youtube
– meta data terms – girls, sexy, funny, hot, etc. for french maid tv
– faith based podcasts shouldn’t use those :), but there are ones that you should use

How to build an audience?
– what’s the emotional component of your video?
– take small clips that may be viral out of your larger video
– distribute those yourself
– tell them where they can get more content or see the whole video at the end
– emotions: love, joy, surprise, anger, sadness, fear
– you need to trigger at least two of those emotions
– who is out there that hates what you do and how can they be vocal about it

If you have questions about this, comment or contact me.  I just do enough to trigger memories for me. All in all, a very good session on viral videos.



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