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Feedback and Purpose – Podcast Transcript 21 July 29, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Transcript.

Transcript to “Feedback and Purpose” (4:23) released Sunday July 29, 2007 (click here to listen):

Hello, this is Jeff Frey from the Why and How of Podcasting. Today, I’m going to talk about feedback from last week and the purpose of this podcast, my latest classes coming up at the Susanne M. Glasscock school of Continuing Studies at Rice University, and the Campus Technology conference happening in Washington DC.

First, I got some feedback last week from two categories of people. One, people that were still subscribed to me during my months between classes; and second, those that had never heard me before and just found the podcast for the first time. Most of the feedback was good, except for a few who listened before and were upset that I stopped… and most of those concerns, and even some of the new feedback that I got, can be addressed by me reiterating the purpose of this podcast.

This podcast is meant to be a companion to the classes on podcasting that I teach, and an augmentation of the podcasting blog that I have. This is a way for those of you who read my blog to put a voice and face to the content, and a way for me to visit some topics that I might be passionate about. I usually address everything I’ve talked about here in a blog, and even post these notes, so if you just read jdfrey.wordpress.com… you’re already getting all the content that I have. If you are interested in the classes going on at Rice University, I use this podcast to give a bit more information about that as well as publish podcasts from students here.

In addition to the podcasting course I’ll be teaching, I have the opportunity to teach two more this fall. If you know much about me, I’m very into technology education. I love to teach people about technology, and I’m especially interested in those getting into computing for the first time. I can’t stand when people talk negatively about computers and technology, and find that the more educated they are and the more they know how to use a computer, they richer their lives are and the less they have to complain about.

My two new classes are 50 Useful Activities on the Web and Buying a Personal Computer. Both designed for the novices with technology: Internet and computer purchases respectively. I’ll put a couple links out on my blog, so if you’re in the Houston area and would like to find some cool things to do online or buy a computer, take a look at them.

Lastly, I’ll be in Washington DC this week at the Campus Technology conference talking about, what else, The Why and How of Podcasting. For a copy of any of the presentations I give, just go to jdfrey dot wordpress dot com and go to the presentations tab on the link bar.

A little bit more about feedback… take the heart of feedback seriously… but not the delivery method. For example, someone called me and was truly trying to help me. Stating some things about my content and vocal sound that I actually think was helpful… however… it came across as some belligerent person who hated what I was doing. Seriously. I know that not what the person was trying to convey, so you have to separate the two. Also, if someone takes the time to give you feedback, always acknowledge it. I don’t like to play the feedback I receive here on the podcast because then I don’t have to choose which I play and which I don’t, and make someone wonder why I played someone over theirs… but I do always thank the person for their feedback by email and either address the information in my blog, podcast, or personally.

So, go if YOU have feedback for me, email me and let me know what’s up.

This is Jeff Frey for the Why and How of Podasting… thanks for listening.



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