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Blog Software Comparisons July 26, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Blogging.

Wow… a lot of you have been responding to the blogging portion of what I’ve had to say over the last week.  Good to know.  So, the question now is… which blog should you be using?  There is a chart that just about everyone links to instead of doing this themselves… and I will do the same: Blog Software Comparison Chart – http://www.ojr.org/ojr/images/blog_software_comparison.cfm.

The thing to note here is that your show notes can be a blog if you’d like.  A service like libsyn allows you to post not only podcast (audio/video files), but text posts as well.  If a listener subscribes via rss text reader instead of just through a podcatcher, the text post will show up along side your show notes.

Also, my theory?  Don’t pay unless you can’t get a feature (or the space) that you want.  If you’re just starting out, go with the least common denominator and pick something like wordpress or blogger.



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