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Consensus: Podcasting Has No ‘Inherent’ Pedagogic Value July 24, 2007

Posted by Jeff in University Podcasting.

Excerpts copied from http://campustechnology.com/articles/49018/, 7/9/2007, by Paul McCloskey.

The unfortunate name of this article isn’t as bad as it sounds.  He basically is pointing to studies done that say “the pedagogical value of podcasts depends almost entirely on student motivation and the learning “context” of the application.”  More simply, podcasting just for the sake of podcasting doesn’t add anything.  The content still has to be correct and the students still have to want to consume it.  Just like someone a student not wanting to go to class, just because they hear it on their ipod doesn’t mean it makes it better content.

“Podcasting does not contain any inherent value.  It is only valuable
inasmuch as it helps the instructor and students reach their educational goals, by facilitating thoughtful, engaging learning activities that are designed to work in support of those goals.”

I’ll give them that, though I do see typical under achievers using podcasts to listen to lectures multiple times… thus increasing their potential to do better in the course.  I think you have to take the delivery method into account when you talk about “inherent value.”



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