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Why Are You Podcasting? – Podcast Transcript 12 April 18, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Transcript.

The Transcript to “12 – Why Are You Podcasting?” (2:11) released April 17, 2007 (click here to listen):

JD:  Hi, this is Jeff Frey from the Why and How of Podcasting.  I’m here today teaching my first class.  I’ve got a few people that want to talk about why they’re podcasting or why they’re taking this course.

Joni:  Hi Jeff, I’m Joni with Jambone Records and I’m here to learn how to podcast in support of our artists and their music.  Putting up podcasts, music, video, audio… the whole thing.  Also in support of an e-book that’s coming out.  We’re going to do sections of our book in audio to get the word out about our book and to market our book.

JD:  Very good, thank you very much.  Appreciate that.

Rob:  Hi, I’m Rob and I’m from the University of Houston.  I’m a trainer in their IT department and I am thinking about podcasting about some of the classes that we do.  We teach classes on different technology topics different applications just so we can give something to our customers weekly tips and tricks or whatever else about the different applications we teach like Microsoft Word and so on and so forth.

JD:  Great Rob, that sounds interesting, Thanks for coming.

Jade:  Hi, I’m Jade and I’m the science editor at Rice University.  I’m thinking of podcasting about Nano Technology, protein folding, bird flu vaccines, the birth of planets and all other kinds of cool science stories.

JD:  That sounds awesome.  So, there are three examples that you can take with you.  If you’re not sure about what to podcast about or why to podcast, go to the why and how of podcasting dot com and listen to some more.  We’re going to have five more of these podcasts during our class and we want to hear from you if you have any feedback about those.  Go to jdfrey.wordpress.com to do that.  Thanks.



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