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A Corporation that Podcasts March 19, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Corporate Podcasting, Podcasting.

I’m helping a friend of mine think through a podcasting initiative at his company.  For those of you thinking about podcasting at your corporation, here are some ideas that we’ve come up with that he may or may not implement in the future… but are fun to think about:

  • updates from anyone
    • at the top: the CEO, CFO, CIO, etc. – regular podcasts giving business direction
    • at the bottom: the help desk, the mail room, the administrative staff – podcasts now and then to update on new things coming up
    • in between: middle managers can communicate both up and down with podcasts about goals, initiatives, upcoming events, etc.
  • human resources – information and training to employees
  • the sales team and talking points – what should all employees be ‘selling’ people on
  • information to stock holders (regular and as things come up)
  • external marketing

There are others, but those are the highlights of the ones that he thinks will work.  It’s not uncommon that people come me with one or two ideas on what they could do at their company, school, or church… but then we brainstorm a little and they come up with a whole podcasting initiative.



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