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Interview Recording for Podcasts – Part 1 – Software February 27, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Software, Podcasting.

Hi Jeff,

Found your blog the other day and really enjoying it! My wife and I are getting ready to start a podcast and I had a quick question for you…We are wanting to do phone interviews with 2-4 people at a time for some of our podcasts and I was hoping you had some suggestions on a low cost (or free!) way of doing that. I found a site called XXX which looks like would work but didn’t know if you had a better way.

Thanks for your help!


John asks a good question, but also mentions a site that does this sort of thing for you. I tend to shy away from going with a hosting company or signing up with a web site for a certain feature. I don’t want to be dependant on them and I certainly don’t want the feature or service to go away and me to be stuck. So, I like to do things myself.

One service that I know won’t be going away anytime soon is Skype. My best advice for recording podcast interviews on the cheap is to sign up with Skype and record your calls. Skype doesn’t, but may in the future, provide recording capabilities… but you can easily record your calls using third-party plugins, applications, or hardware. The call audio could them be converted to an audio file that you could use in your normal podcast software.

Personally, I use http://www.hotrecorder.com when on a Windows machines, and http://www.rogueamoeba.com/audiohijack when on a Mac.

For more software applications to use in recording skype calls, see:


See tomorrow’s post for hardware ideas.



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2. Frank Sagevsal - March 9, 2007

Messer is a fine, albeit unsupported app for recording any incoming audio stream on a windows pc. Google Messer, you’ll find a free download. It rips to wav or mp3, can be set to trigger at a scheduled time and allows you to set recording levels to keep clipping problems at bay. I just recorded a 1 hour call using Messer & Skype and the quality was quite good and the mp3 file was only about 120mb.

Nero (http://www.ahead.de) will convert it on the fly to a wav file and burn it to cd if you need an audio cd, rather than an mp3

3. Jeff - March 13, 2007

Those are a couple of nice applications Frank… thanks for the comment.

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5. Leanre - January 16, 2009

I’m using freeSkypeCallRecorder at my PC, tried hotrecorder but was dissapointed one’s quality of recording

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