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Headphones and In Ear Monitors February 15, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Audio Equipment, Podcasting.

When mixing your podcasts, and especially when tweaking eqs and levels, it is good to listen to your podcasts over a good set of speakers. If you are listening to your podcasts over your laptop or desktop speakers and then someone with a great set of speakers listens to your podcast… they may not like what they hear.

I suggest you invest in a good set of speakers, sometimes called monitors in the recording studio industry, to mix with. Another option, and sometimes a better option when you cannot get a good room to put your speakers in or when the place the you’re podcasting has a lot of ambient noise, are headphones. A good set of mixing headphones will set you back about $100 (+/- $20).

Since I used to own a recording studio, I have a set of near field monitors close to my mixer, some monster speakers set far away from me in the room, but I always go back to my really expensive set of AKG headphones.

Speaking of headphones, for those of you who are really into sound or are band member type people… you might want to check into custom made in ear monitors. There are a few companies out there that do this:

I have reviewed the different companies and different types of monitors and have to say that shure makes a great one size fits all model in the 500. Better than those, though, if you go to your local audiologist and have ear impressions made, you can get custom fitted in ear speakers that completely seal out all the other sound around you.

Ultimate Ears appears to be more popular, but Sensaphonics seems to care more about your actual hearing. Sensaphonics also has a great ambient sound product and ear plugs that have interchangeable decibel screens (awesome) if you don’t have in ear monitoring systems. They also make custom sleeves that fit over other in ear monitors (like the Shure e3s that we use at my church).



1. Andrew T. - April 4, 2007

I actually work for Starkey Labs, headquarters located in Minnesota, and we recently started selling the in ear monitors very similar to Ultimate Ears, but better quality. The design was done by Starkey who is the largest hearing aid company in the world, so they know ears. The best part about these particular in ear monitors is the price. They range from $279 to $649, depending on the model, which is less then half the price of our competitors. We also make custom ear pieces that fit any existing Shure earphones you have, greatly increasing the quality of sound. E-mail me if anyone wants more information or is interested in purchasing them.

2. nick rizzo - September 5, 2007

I am a professional musician looking for some new in ears.
I had a pair of westone custom mold single driver. They were stolen.
I now have a universal fit ultimate ears dual driver. While i like the better sound of the dual drivers, as i am a drummer, i do not like the quality of UE. How comparable are the starkeys in fidelity to westone? And do they offer a dual driver model?
I would love some more info.

3. Jeff - September 28, 2007

I have the dual driver version of the Sensaphonics. Though pricey, I think they are worth it. I also think that fit and comfort are more important than sound when on stage. I also had them make a set of ear plugs for me and have slept in them several times.

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