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Podcasting the Course February 13, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Instruction, Podcasting, Rice University.

I got an inquiry about one of the comments I made during a podcast.  I said something like we’ll be using this podcast (http://www.thewhyandhowofpodcasting.com) during my upcoming training course.  What does that mean?  Well, there are six classes in the course… and for those of you reading this and not aware… I will be giving some podcasting training right here in Houston in a couple months.  There are six classes in the course, each one three hours long.  We’ll probably need about ½ hour worth of breaks and fluff in there, so that leaves 2 and ½ hours of teaching time.  I plan on teaching for 2 of those hours (both lecture and hands on), but will take the last ½ hour of or so and podcast.

I will be bringing some hardware and software with me to produce an audio podcast on site.  Each time, I might bring something different.  During the class, I’ll interview students, have them interview each other, maybe do a sample podcast of what they want to do a podcast about… who knows.  Whatever happens that week, I’ll broadcast it out over my podcast feed.  Subscribers of the feed, hopefully the people taking the course, and maybe some of their family / friends, will be able to hear themselves and share it with others.

I will obviously encourage everyone to find a place to publish their own podcasts, but I’m happy to use mine for showcasing those in the course.  It’s going to be fun.  If you’re interested in some more information about why to podcast, or how to podcast… check it out: http://jdfrey.libsyn.com.



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