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Podcasting in Education – Podcast Transcript 9 February 12, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Educational Podcasts, Podcasting.

The Links and Transcript to “9 – Podcasting in Education” (4:00) released February 11, 2007 (click here to listen):

The Links:
•    Read this post: https://jdfrey.wordpress.com/podcasting-in-education
•    Samples of Podcasting in Education
•    Educational Podcast Directories

The Transcript:

Hi, this is J.D. Frey from the Why and How of Podcasting.  Before I get started with today’s podcast I mentioned a bunch of podcasts last week that you should be listening to.  How did it go?  Did you like them?  I told you you’d learn a lot didn’t I?

Well, I specifically left two more out because I wanted to talk about them separately, away from the pack if you will.  Also, since I’m talking about podcasting in Education I thought these would be appropriate.  Podcast academy from Gigavox, and the Podcast Brothers Tim and Emile Bourquin.  Both of these podcasts are of, or themselves, an event.  The Podcast Academy number 5 is actually going on this week at Duke University, but you can listen to past sessions and get the new sessions when they are released by subscribing to the podcast. Go to podcast academy dot com to find it.  There will also be a link in the show notes. (http://pa.gigavox.com/series/podcastacademy.html)
The podcast brothers, at the podcast brothers dot com (http://www.podcastbrothers.com), are from the guys that put on the Podcast and New Media Expo.  I highly encourage you to listen to their podcast if you want to know more about the world of podcasting and, of course, I even higher highly recommend you go to the Podcast and New Media Expo… September 28th through 30th in Ontario California.  If you’re a podcaster, this will open your eyes to what is really out there in podcasting, from people to equipment, tips and techniques.  It’s a great expo as well as learning event.

Okay, on to Podcasting in Education, but seriously, those are two podcasts you don’t want to miss.  Anyway, this is the WHY and HOW of podcasting, so I want to give you some ideas on why to podcast if you’re a school, teacher, or any educational place really.  I’ve compiled a short list of sample podcasts that are being used for, and in, established educational environments. Since there is always a push by educational institutions to find effective new ways for people to learn, maybe reviewing a few of these will spark some ideas on how you could be using podcasts.  I found a good sampling of teacher to student podcasts like Organic Chemistry and Drexel University, but there were also some student to student podcasts, like WillowWeb… a podcast for kids by the students at Willowdale Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska.  Teacher to teacher podcasts are also out there with something like Ideas for Math educators, found at mathgrad.com.  And though all of these links and more will be published in the transcript of this podcast, you can find many many more examples at podcastforteachers.org… that’s podcastforteachers.org all words all spelled out.

Sorry I can’t read off all the links here, again, they’re out in the transcript, but I found seven more very good educational podcast directories… if you want to go searching for them, they are from the education podcast network, ed dash cast dot org, podcast alley has one, ipodder has another, learn out loud, and podcasting news is the last… I think that’s six… so I missed one, but if you search online for educational podcast directory… you should find some of the one’s I’m talking about.

So, how do we do these?  With limited budgets and board approvals, with not enough time to come up with curriculum and teach let alone augment the teaching with a podcast, how do you do it?  My suggestion is to make it as easy as possible.  Well, of course, you say, but how do you do that?  Any computer that has an internet connection can post a podcast and with free service providers out there, free rss feed websites, and even free recording and mixing software, the cost problem goes away.  And.. if you take a lesson that you’ve already taught and just reiterate the main points in one or two takes, the time involved could be rather short.  Test it, see if the response is positive.  If so, you may have a case to make an investment or will want to devote a bit more time to make it a bit better.  In my talk in a couple weeks at Educause, I’m going to go through what a podcasting studio might look like… from no budget… to whoa budget.  If you’re in the no budget range… listen back in a couple weeks and I’ll have some suggestions for you.

I’m J.D. Frey from the why and how of podcasting.  The transcript for this plus all the links I told you about can be clicked to from thewhyandhowofpodcasting dot com or go to my blog at jdfrey.wordpress.com.  Thanks for listening, and listen in for the next couple weeks for a lot more educational podcasting information.



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