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Learning to Podcast from Podcasters – Podcast Transcript 8 February 5, 2007

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The Links and Transcript to “8 – Learning to Podcast from Podcasters” (6:04) released February 4, 2007 (click here to listen):

The Links:

The Transcript:

Hello podcast listeners, this is J.D. Frey from the why and how of podcasting. I love to educate people about technology, and today’s podcast is all about podcasts out there that will teach you about podcasting. Of course there’s this podcast, my blog, classes, and presentations, but there are podcasts that have been educating people about podcasting since podcasting began. (sigh) I can tell already I’m going to say podcast way too many times in this… podcast.

Anyway, I will be using thewhyandhowofpodcasting to broadcast my class coming up in April where we will be going through creating it step by step. After I’ve edited all the audio, I’m going to try to break the class up into reasonable sound bites for you all to listen to.

So, on to the podcasts. I have four types of podcasts that I want to talk about, and I’m going to give you two examples of each type… that’s eight podcasts for you to listen to this week.

First, I want to tell you about two tutorials or how-to podcasts. Though podfading has taken it’s toll on one of these, and the other is a bit old… I still save them and use them as resources for people who ask.

• Apple’s GarageBand product is a great tool to use for podcasting. When iLife ’06 was released, they created 8 videos about iLife that they tied to a podcast feed. The URL is too long to tell you here, but if you’re into GarageBand, you should watch these. Just a reminder, I’m posting all of these links out with the transcript on my blog jdfrey.wordpress.com or there’s a link to it at the why and how of podcasting dot com.

• So, what if you’re on a PC? Audacity is a great piece of audio editing software and I found a really good tutorial for it from a guy on podomatic. He’s only got one podcast, but it’s a pretty good tutorial. Google audacity, tutorial, and moore… m o o r e… it should pop up as the first or second link.

Next, I’d like to talk about podcasts about podcasts. These two can keep you informed about who’s doing what in the podcasting world.

• podcast411 is an audio podcast where the host, Rob, interviews other podcasters. It is definitely a must listen to. While they talk, you will learn a lot about the podcaster being interviewed and his or her podcast, but you’ll also learn a lot about podcasting in general.

• podcastsalad is a video podcast about video podcasting. If you’re thinking about starting a video podcast, or video podcasting now, and you want to see what’s out there… this is the one. Host Katie Bavard takes you through some short clips of video podcasts while adding some cute satirical comments along the way.

Third, I’m on to podcast education podcasts. People that put a podcast together, so you can podcast better.

• First on this list, podcasting for dummies. I’m a big fan of the podcasting for dummies book… and wouldn’t you know… they started a podcast as a companion to it. If you go out to dummies dot com and search for podcasting, you can find it. Tee Morris is the one doing it. Click on the link for the book and then you’ll see at the bottom of the link bar a link for “companion podcast.” That’s actually where I got the idea to do this podcast as a companion to my class.

• Next, the school of podcasting. There is a subscription service that you can pay for where you get a bunch of podcasting tutorials and screencasts, but the podcast that’s free is the school of podcasting morning announcements. I actually don’t have time to listen to all these as they come out all the time, but I queue them up and then listen to a bunch of them during a car or plane ride.

The fourth and last podcasts that I want to make sure you take a listen to are marketing or money-making podcasts.

• Jason Van Orden’s news and tips and interviews that he does on his podcast called podcasting underground are great. Listening to this podcast could distinguish whether you’re podcast is a marketing success or failure.

• Profitable Podcasting with Paul Colligan is a podcast concerning issues about the profitability and monetization of podcasting. He interviews people doing it, and runs some numbers. I’d put these both on your must listen-to list.

So, I know I threw a lot of podcasts out at you today, but the links are out on my blog to the eight podcasts I talked about:
• GarageBand and Audacity tutorials.
• Podcast411 and Podcast Salad about other podcasts.
• Podcasting for Dummies and The School of Podcasting for Podcast Education. and
• Podcasting Underground and Profitable Podcasting for marketing and monetization.

Before I go, I’ve got a plug a talk I’m doing in Austin, in a few weeks at the Educause SouthWest Regional Conference called… what else… the why and how of podcasting. I’m going to be speaking to IT professionals from academic institutions about podcasting at a university level. Basically, I’m going to go through why universities podcast, and show some examples of podcasts from other institutions. Then. I’ll go through the steps of podcasting, and what podcasting studios at universities might look like.

If you want to check it out, go to educause.edu and click on the southwest regional conference link. I also have a link on my blog, will post the slides there, and of course… I’ll be podcasting the session once I get the audio.

So, remember, you have eight podcasts to listen to this week… and feel free to let me know if you have any podcasts that have taught you something about podcasting. I’m J.D. Frey… thanks for listening.



1. jasonvo - February 9, 2007

Hi Jeff,

Looks like you have some good content here. Thanks for mentioning my podcast on your show. Best,

-Jason Van Orden

2. Mac - April 15, 2007

Hi Jeff,

Good to hear somebody that sounds so great. Since this podcast was about other podcasts, I thought I’d mention The Podcasting Blog at http://podcasting.seocompany.ca lot’s of good stuff there from a technical standpoint.

Thanks again, great info.

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