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Podcast Formats: Multiple Speakers January 31, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Formats, Podcasting.

For the past two days, I’ve discussed a single speaker format for a podcast, but what about having two or more speakers?

If you can hit it off like click and clack (http://www.cartalk.com), or compliment each other like the Bourquin brothers (http://www.newmediaexpo.com/audio.htm), you’ll have a magic thing that is hard to find. Experience tells me that two people usually have two different lives with two different sets of goals. If you decide on a two person format podcast, be prepared to miss some deadlines when both of you can’t make that recording date you set up. Think through who will take control when someone decides it’s not going well for them anymore. Also make sure you keep your audience informed when one of you decide to move on to something else.

I may be over exaggerating, but you get the point. Though you might not be thinking about this with you little hobby podcast that you and your friend are putting together… I suggest having a contract. Something simple that you both sign to answer some of the questions surrounding ownership and money of the podcast. Who knows, you could end up being an overnight sensation, not knowing where that leaves your friendship.

Be certain to discuss a lot of the questions I’ve been writing about over the past few months, like frequency, duration, topics, etc. Also, don’t let just one person know how to do a podcast. Both of you, unless you have a production crew, should be equally familiar with recording, editing, and posting a podcast. If the knowledgeable one is out, the other needs to keep up for the fans.



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