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Podcast Formats: Single Speaker / One Topic January 29, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Formats, Podcasting.

People seem to like my whole week dedicated to a certain topic thing… so this week… Podcast Formats.

Single Speaker / One Topic

If you are just one person doing a podcast, and talking about just one thing… keep your focus on the one thing. Yes, there are podcasts that meander through a subject and that rant about random things surrounding something, but the majority of established podcasts with single speaker / one topic focus.

Pro: there is no one else to have to worry about what they say.
Con: there is no one else to cover or critique what you say.

If you’re a single podcaster, get some friends who will screen your podcast before you completely finish it. Sure, another person adds a whole other personality and set of opinions to a topic, but he or she can also help soften / harden or advise on what you’re saying.

Pro: there is only one thing to focus on, so content can be directed to one thing.
Con: there is only one thing to focus on, so if you can’t find content about that one thing… you’re out of luck.

It can be great fun researching a topic and telling people about it if there are a lot of things to say about that topic. If that topic is a bit thin, and there isn’t much to say, you could be making up things to spend time… and listeners can hear that.

In my experience, single speaker / one topic is a great way to start podcasting. Tomorrow, I’ll talk about a few examples for multiple topics that you might want to grow into.



1. nityPhitteSet - January 8, 2010

Hi My Name is Candis

If you are in town on business or you live here I am always looking for fun guys to hang out with and maybe a little more, xoxo Candis


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