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Where Do You Podcast? January 24, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Jeff Frey, Podcast Audio Equipment, Podcasting, Rice University.

This week… I’ve decided to quickly answer the 5 “W”s of me and how I podcast (who, what, where, when, and why).

There are four places available to me to podcast.  One, at the Rice University Digital Media Center.  There is a closet there that is set up with a professional microphone and a mac with garage band and audacity.  Two, Rice IT has a video podcasting room that I haven’t ever personally used, but clients have.  IT will help you with the editing and the posting of your podcast.  The third place isn’t really a place.  You can podcast anywhere if you have the right equipment.  I have a Roland Edirol R-09 portable digital recorder and have access to a lot of other portable recorders that friends have.

Fourth, and where I do most of my work, is my home.  I have a mac with garage band and audacity on it and a pc with audacity and pro tools from my recording studio days (cakewalk is on there as well).  What I really use is my Roland VS2480.  It’s a digital recording board with effects and editing.  I have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse attached to it and all my jingles/sound/effects/eqs/etc. are stored in there.  I power it on, bring up my podcast settings and start recording.  I also use two Shure KSM44s condenser microphones for recording.  Sometimes I audio hijack skype voicemails and sometimes I run them right into my board as another channel and use headphones.  I use the levelator if levels are different.  I use libsyn as my host.

I think that covers the Where… and maybe even the How…?  Thanks for the questions.



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