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Who Are You? January 22, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Jeff Frey, Podcast Questions.

This week… I’m going to quickly answer 5 questions that I get asked about me and how I podcast. Today: who… tomorrow: what.

You can read a bio about me on a few different sites, including this blog. They tend to say what I do, and not who I am. I was born on March 23, 1975. I grew up in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania (north of Pittsburgh), and moved to Ohio after graduating from Beaver County Christian School (high school). I attended Kent State University while I lived in Massillon, Ohio. I married my wonderful wife Stephanie in 1997 and we moved to New Orleans for me to take a job with an energy resource construction company. I worked my way through the ranks of a developer, to development supervisor, to manager of application development, etc. etc. etc. I owned my own business in which we helped small businesses do marketing (video, web, and print). I also owned a recording studio and helped churches, ministries, and non-profits make CDs, instructional videos, and things like that. Right now, I embrace just about any new technology that comes along for a short time until I see if it’s going to work for my clients, friends, business/churches I help. I’ve seen podcasting open a lot of doors for the people I advise about technology and I’m going to keep on this path until I see something else that I should be pushing out to them. Thanks for the question.



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