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Podcasting Your Hobby January 17, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Podcasting.

I talked in this weeks podcast about podcasting your hobby. Hobbies are important for stress relief, enjoyment, connection with others, sometimes can bring monetary gain, and other times can grow into something that goes beyond just a hobby. Consider William Lear (1902 – 1978) and Elmer Wavering (1907-1998).

As a hobby, they played around with ways of installing sound systems in their cars. Not long after this they met radio manufacturer, Paul Galvin (1895-1959) who convinced them to install a radio in his car. At the time, car radios were custom-made and therefore expensive. Galvin saw the potential to mass-produce automobile radios and open up a new market for the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation.

The car radio had a few teething problems in the design stage, but Galvin managed to produce a working model for the Radio Manufacturer’s Association Convention in Atlantic City in June 1930. Together he and his brother came up with the label “Motorola” – inspired by the idea of “motor” for motion and “ola” for sound. The brand gradually took off, helped by a successful advertising campaign, and soon became a standard fixture in every car.

(Thanks for the quote goes to Origin of Everyday Things / Authors: Johnny Acton, Tania Adams and Matt Packer / Editor: Jo Swinnerton / (c) 2006 by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.)

You and I have a radio in our cars today and think nothing of it, but consider the pioneers of the car radio and their ‘hobby.’

  • What are you toying around with that will be a standard for everyone in a few years?
  • How are you spreading the word?
  • How are you connecting with other people that are out there doing the same thing?

At this time, I don’t think there is any better way than blogging and podcasting. Consider the origin of the car radio and how it came about the next time you’re working on your hobby. Please also consider sharing your hobby with the rest of us through a blog or a podcast.



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