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Word of the Year – from ‘Podcast’ to ‘Carbon Neutral’ January 1, 2007

Posted by Jeff in General, Jeff Frey.

Podcasting – an act, a social interaction, a communication tool between individuals, a way of empowering people who have a message to take to nations… all around a very big deal. How big? I was thinking about the new year and thought about how podcasting was the word of the year for 2005, and carbon neutral was designated just a few months ago for 2006 by the New Oxford American Dictionary.

Being carbon-neutral means that you don’t run on an energy source that comes from fossil fuels… or… if you do, the carbon that is released can be cancelled out by something else that is done. This word is a description of the process, but also has bigger implications. Becoming carbon neutral means a better environment for everyone.

Thinking along those lines and realizing that each word of the year is relatively as important as the next… does that show you how important podcasting really is? Being carbon-neutral has an effect on the health of the entire world. How about podcasting?

I have listened to podcasts that have bettered my life tremendously, and those of my family and friends. Knowledge that is communicated over the media has not only impacts individuals, but businesses, religions, educational institutions, and political movements just to name a few.

Podcasting is a technology, yes… but I believe it to be a earth changing technology that I will continue to research and promote in this new year.



1. DJEquipmentSpeakers - March 6, 2009

I have to agree with you 100% on this. A podcast allows you to reach many people all at once. I’m waiting on more businesses to catch on to this great technology. I have a friend who works for the local newspaper and all he talks about is how the actual print newspaper is dying. Well maybe that is a bad thing, but maybe these companies should have planned ahead for this. They could easily set up a podcast with the news that they were going to print. It would be a cheaper alternative while also having less of an impact on the environment.

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