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Posting Class Notes vs. Class Transcripts Online December 7, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Educational Podcasts, Podcast Accessibility, Podcast Transcription, University Podcasting.

What happens in an educational class determines what should get posted online about that class.

(This topic comes from the idea of posting transcripts of the podcast from a class.  If you have a class, and you record it, then you podcast it, you’re supposed to (508 compliance) also post the transcript of that class.  What if, however, you don’t have the resources to do so?)

I’ve sat in classes where the professor uses it as an opportunity to discuss readings, have the class interact, or introduce ideas off the cuff to students.  If that is recorded, and will be part of the information a student needs to succeed in the course, then the audio needs to be transcripted.

I’ve also sat in classes where the professor reads through notes and doesn’t deviate very much from what they say.  If this class is podcasted, and if the notes read through in class are what a student needs to succeed in the class… then I don’t believe that the transcript needs to be published… the notes do.

Publishing the notes that have already been written is obviously a faster and less expensive or time comsuming endeavor than to transcript every class.

The intent of 508 compliance is to provide individuals with the same opportunity to suceed as other inviduals.  If merely posting notes provides that, then you have met the criteria.



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