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My iPod Case December 4, 2006

Posted by Jeff in iPod.

I love my iPod case, and I tell everyone that sees it about what it is and how they can get one. A friend of mine over the weekend said that you should tell everyone about it through your blog… good idea!

Go to http://ifrogz.com and build your own case. I’ve been using mine now on my 80GB video iPod for a few months and there have been near detrimental drops, would be scratches, possible slides off dash boards, nasty lint in my pocket, etc… and the ifrogz iPod case has taken all of those problems away:

  1. a plastic shield over the entire surface, easy to line up and stick on
  2. a sticker over the wheel to protect it and make it look cool
  3. a rubber like sleeve that it goes in leaving the button, connection, and headphones open
  4. a rubber band that goes around it to seal those up (except the headphones)

You can even make a wheel cover with your own picture (warning: after heavy use, the coloration starts to come off a bit on the buttons, order a few). Besides the fact that it’s very durable and protects well, I really like the feature that you can slide it in and out of the case easily. It’s great for all the stuff I do with the iPod (docks, chargers, audio units, etc.) that it won’t fit in with a case on. There’s also a very sturdy belt clip that screws into the back of the case.

I just checked out their site, and they’re doing a promotion for Christmas. They are giving away free merchandise including cases everyday from December 1 until December 25. So, if you want a free iPod case, or you’re thinking about getting a case for someone, go to http://ifrogz.com. The free cases for the 60/80GB iPods are being given out today at 4pm MST.



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