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What To Get Your Podcaster November 24, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Audio Equipment, Podcast Books, Podcast Software, Technology.

I got a great question a couple of weeks ago that I answered in an email, but I thought I’d post a more thought out response. The basis of the question was… what to get a podcaster for Christmas? Though the question was formed around finding a podcasting Christmas gift, the wish list can obviously also be used for birthdays and such in the near future. A note of warning though: technical gifts that you get today, maywill… be out of date in the next few months. Even this list that I give you below will be out of date shortly. Having said that, there are a lot of gifts and presents out there for a podcaster friend or in the family. Here is what should be on your Christmas shopping list:

  • Money – most podcasters are working for almost nothing podcasting, so throwing a little cash at your podcaster is always a plus.
  • Microphone – a good microphone can make all the difference. Though pricey, maybe it can be a group gift or something.
    • shure ksm44 – $800 – great sounding mic, it’s what I use in the studio.
    • shure ksm27 – $300 – great studio mic as well, but I use it for live recordings.
    • marshall mxlusb.006 – $100 – usb means you can plug it right into the computer to record, very nice.
  • Audio Podcast Software (costs very greatly between vendors and specials)
    • Audacity – free and cross platform (apple or windows).
    • Mac
      • Garageband – the podcasting standard, free on new apples.
      • Soundtrack Pro – a great upgrade.
    • PC
      • Cakewalk – great starter software.
      • Adobe Audition – better.
  • Headphones – a good set of headphones is crucial to getting the sound you want.
    • Sennheiser HD25 – $200 – though a big investment, these headphones are a big improvement over your averages set.
    • AKG 240S – $100 – $100 is really enough to spend on a good set, there are so many at this price point it’s hard to pick.
    • Others? – as stated above, since there are so many, they try to beat each other out on price and packaging… the sound is the issue though. headphones are very personal items, don’t feel bad if your podcaster takes a set you bought him or her back. each podcaster has to find a pair to get comfortable with and ‘know.’
  • Portable Recorder– if your podcaster is on the go.
    • Edirol R09 – $400 – I did a review of this not too long ago, great recorder.
    • M-Audio MicroTrack – $300 – my number 2 pick.
    • iRiver – $150 – might be hard to find, but a great little mp3 recorder.
  • iPod – you can never go wrong with getting someone an ipod. consider a different form factor or more memory than the one he or she already has. maybe an itunes gift card if the ipod is out of the price range?
  • Books– resources for podcasters are all over the internet, but sometimes it’s just good to have a book to sit down and read… and not an audio book… real paper that you can highlight and underline. my recent picks for the best podcasting books are:
  • Magazines– a great way for your podcaster to keep tuned in to the latest things going on.
    • Mix – if your podcaster is mixing their own podcast.
    • Recording – more for the music industry, but still some great tips.
    • Videomaker – great for videographers.
    • Computer Videomaker – video podcasters will appreciate this one.
    • Sound & Vision – audio and video tech toys together.

I’d also like you to think about magazines and gifts in and around your podcasters topic or niche. If he or she is podcasting about jogging, get a subscription to Runner’s magazine, a new jogging outfit, or how about a gift certificate to a shoe store?

Lastly, how about a trip to a podcasting conference, course, or seminar. There are only a few, and you can search for them in your area. I personally have a course I’m teaching in Houston, TX that will be under $400 for 18 hours of instruction over 6 Monday nights… but there is the Podcast Academy, Podcamp, the Podcast and New Media Expo, etc. A gift for a trip to something such as one of those could very easily benefit your podcaster more than any of the other things mentioned in this post.

So, what to get a podcaster? Great question! The wish list of a podcaster can be huge depending on how into podcasting your podcaster is. I hope this list helps!



1. Mark Montgomery - November 28, 2006

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the link and keep up the good work.

Mark Montgomery
Technical Editor
Videomaker Magazine

2. Peter - January 12, 2007

Brilliant Website. Please take a look at my website. Let me know what you think.
Maybe you will link to it…Thank You.

3. Deke - June 4, 2007

Adobe Audiotion for Podcast creation? Take a look on simple sound recorders like http://www.abyssmedia.com/mp3recorder/index.shtml

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