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Thanking Your Podcast Listeners November 23, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Marketing, Podcasting.

I always receive questions about holding on to your podcast listening audience. Interaction between the podcaster and podcast listener is a key to keeping the listener engaged. One easy way to keep them involved (and an appropriate topic for today… “Thanksgiving” in the US), is thanking your listeners.

Some practical ways to thank your podcast listeners:

  • good content – first and foremost, give them what they want on a regular basis, that’s thanks enough
  • a quick “thank you” – at the beginning or end of your podcast, just tell them that you’re really thankful and what it means to you that they are listening
  • contact them – if you have an email list set up, can find them based on usernames of who voted for on some sites, etc… send out a thank you note (warning.. don’t do it too often and don’t make it too long… then you’ll just be spamming them)
  • discounts on merchandise – see if you can set up a promotional code or discount with a vendor to give your listeners a discount on some merchandise that you think they’d be buying anyway based on your podcast content
  • free merchandise – free is better than discounted, and if you can give something away, do it
  • playing voicemail / reading email – if possible, and it fits into your podcast, play some listener voicemail or read some listener email… they’ll love the fact that they are on your podcast, and the people that hear it will consider that there is a chance of them getting on as well… it’s a way to thank them for calling/writing in.

About that last one, if it doesn’t fit into your podcast to have a portion of it be for listener mail, then consider taking a podcast out of the regular schedule and devoting it to listeners. Call it your listener appreciation podcast and number them 1, 2, 3… etc. Even if they’re every six months, listeners will love it.



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