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Promoting Your Podcast November 17, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Directories, Podcast Marketing, Podcasting.

Promoting your podcast might not be as hard as you think. If you sign up with the right host, submit your podcast to the right directories, and do a bit of the right work on the front end to let people know you’re around… you’ll start to pick up listeners pretty quickly.

  1. Sign up with the right host. I had a previous post about postcast hosting providers, but one other thing to note that I didn’t mention is what the host does for you when you release a podcast. Does it automatically get posted to a website or a directory? Do they let other directories know that you’ve released another podcast (sometimes referred to as a ping)? Take that into consideration when selecting a host.
  2. Submit your podcast to the right directories. The most popular podcast directories right now are:
  3. Do a bit of the right front end work. All your work will pay off, but this bit is quick and will get you very far in a short amount of time.
    • Submit a press release about your new podcast. I talked about press release companies in a previous post.
    • Head out to blogs, other podcasts, forums, news groups, etc. that have something to do with your podcast topic and comment, tag, make suggestions, and add your podcast link while you’re doing so.
    • If you’re doing a video podcast, create a ‘commercial’ about your podcast and post it on video sites like youtube, google video, vimeo, and revver.

Always remember that maintaining a blog around your podcast has great advantages as well. The more topics and text that you have in your blog with pointers to your podcast draws potential listeners to your podcast.



1. Peter sammarco - August 27, 2009

wonderfully put…thank you aloha Peter Sammarco

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