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School of Continuing Studies at Rice University Podcasting Course Promo – Podcast Transcript 1 November 10, 2006

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This is just a quick update to the podcasting course I’m teaching. I was asked to record a short promo for it and I’m including the transcript of it here. (Click here for advice on podcasting transcription.)

Transcript to “1 – Rice University Course Promo” (4:01) released November 16, 2006 (click here to listen):

Hi, this is Jeff Frey. I’m going to be teaching a course at the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies at Rice University in Houston, Texas titled: The Why and How of Podcasting. It’s going be on Monday nights, six of them from April 16th to May 21st, 2007, from 6 to 9 o’clock. The school of continuing studies offers personal / professional development courses to the greater Houston area, and in this course, we’re going to be going through… just actually what it says… the why and how of podcasting. I’m going to take a couple minutes here to just talk through some of the questions that we’ll answer in the class, maybe the people that might want attend, and a question or two that I’ve already received about the course.

So, the Why and How of Podcasting… one of the questions obviously that I’ll address is why start podcasting? How about why to continue or restart podcasting? There will be some discussion around why podcasting has been embraced by some and not by others. The ‘how’ of podcasting gets into the technical portions. How to write a script? Set up a studio. How to record, produce, publish… the actual tasks of putting a podcast together and getting it out there. I guess there will be a bit of the ‘what’ and the ‘who’ in there is well. Ah, what is podcasting? What do I need to do it? And… who is podcasting? Who’s listening to podcasts? Who do I go to for more information or help about podcasting? Questions like that. So, you’ll have to come to the class for most of those answers, but for that last question, about help, you can check out my podcasting blog at jdfrey dot wordpress dot com. I’ve been helping business, churches, universities, and individuals podcast, and on the blog I basically share research that I’ve done, resources to use, podcasts to listen to, and I’ll write more about this course specifically as the time comes closer to it. I’m hoping that use it as kind of a companion to the class… so again, if you’re interested in taking the class… or even if you just want some more information about podcasting, go to j-d-f-r-E-y… so that’s jdfrey… dot wordpress dot com.

People that should attend the class. I always get that question when I speak or teach… sooo… I’d say whether you’re just wondering about what podcasting actually is. You’re thinking about doing a podcast and want to get started. Doing a podcast now and have some questions about monetization or tracking or something like that. Or maybe podfading has taken over and you’ve got a dead podcast on your hands and you need some help reviving it or starting a new one. I’m going to have specific directed content in this course for each of the situations that I just mentioned.

I did get a question already about the course being in a pc lab. I was a windows business guy for a while and became over time primarily mac based guy… but it’s important to note that podcasting is not tied to any one platform. We’ll be in a pc lab, but I’ll have some apple equipment that I bring in for us to play with as well. If you’re thinking about coming to the class and you have some questions like that one, feel free to email me… there’s an email link on my blog… or even if you aren’t coming to class and you have a question or two about podcasting… just let me know. I’ll either point you in the right direction, or address it on-line.

Sign-up early, space is limited. Go to www dot scs dot rice dot edu… the scs stands for school of continuing studies. You’ll see a link to Spring 2007, and again the course is six Mondays, from April 16th to May 21st, 2007, from 6 to 9 o’clock at night… it’s titled The How and Why of Podcasting. I’m Jeff Frey, your instructor for the course, and it’ll be at the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies at Rice University in Houston, Texas… I hope to see you in class.



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