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Podcast Players – MP3 Files Played on Your Site November 7, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Software, Podcasting.

I got an email question two weeks ago about Flam vs. Wimpy. Actually… that’s all the email said… “Flam vs Wimpy” was the subject, and the body was “Flam versus Wimpy?”

Flam and Wimpy are both Macromedia flash based mp3 players that you can include on your web page to play podcasts. I’ve only used one of them, but I did a quick poll of my network and have heard from people who’ve had experience with both.

Right up front, I’ll tell you that the majority use Wimpy. I know a couple people who have switched from Flam to Wimpy, and I personally don’t know anyone who has switched from Wimpy to Flam. Feel free to comment here on either, or another that you like, but the poll that I took suggests Wimpy is

  1. easier to install and maintain
  2. working on upgrades more frequently
  3. charging you money (maybe that’s why 1 and 2 are true)

Yes, FLAM is free and Wimpy costs money. Here are the links and quick facts:


  • Flam is free :)
  • Flam uses Macromedia Flash (swf), MySQL, XML and PHP. A MYSQL database stores the authors and track characteristics and the PHP scripts manage the communication between the Flash player and the database.
  • FLAM stands for F-L-ASH MP3.
  • FLAM Player has an administration module that an admin uses to add tracks, edit authors and track data, and create playlists.
  • They say there is a FLAM express coming, but it’s not out yet.

WIMPY Player

  • Wimpy has a PHP and an ASP version.
  • There are several different products:
    • Wimpy MP3 – A jukebox for your website that you can skin. It will automatically list and play a directory of MP3 files that you point it at.
    • Wimpy Button – This is the trick for podcasters… it plays one MP3 file when someone clicks the button. You can customize the look of the button and put it anywhere (it’s html).
    • Wimpy AV – Presents and plays a directory of FLV, SWF and/or MP3 files.
    • Wimpy Wasp – Like the button, it plays one video (FLV or SWF) either as a pop up window or embedded in your webpage.

Wimpy also has the Wimpy Podcast Player. – The Wimpy MP3 Player will allow you to generate a podcast feed as well as play podcasts directly from your web site.

The other thing I like about Wimpy is that there are a bunch of free tools around it.

Who’s using…

Bottom line? At least pay the $20 for the Wimpy button and see what it’s all about. You’ll be glad you did.



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