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The Why and How of Podcasting November 6, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Jeff Frey, Podcast Instruction, Podcast Questions, Podcasting, Rice University, University Podcasting.

Thanks for the feedback on last week’s series about Podcast Captioning and Podcast Transcription. I put a lot of time into the research and compilation of those posts (as did some of my friends and colleagues), and the emails help to know it’s worth while.

This post is really just about a piece of info that some of you in the Houston area may be interested in. I will be teaching a course entitled “The Why and How of Podcasting” at the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies at Rice University. It will be on six Monday nights, April 16th through May 21, 2007, from 6pm to 9pm at night.

Topics will include the following:

  • an overview of podcasting
  • planning your podcast and issues surrounding content, frequency, and style
  • creating audio and video for podcasting along with eq and mixing techniques
  • compressing audio, adding metadata, art work, etc.
  • publishing tools, posting, and RSS feeds
  • promoting your podcast using blogs, directories, and pr tools

Really… just “why” you would podcast and the questions surrounding getting into it… then the “how” of actually doing it. It will be part lecture, part discussion, and part hands on doing it. It has been suggested that I start a podcast as a companion leading up to the class and then podcast segments of the course after it’s over. I am in the process of getting that set up and will probably start those in January 2007.

I can’t do a post and not give you some piece of podcasting information… so here it is:

If you are in the greater Houston Texas area and want to link up with other podcasters close by, go to http://www.houstonpodcasting.org. The website isn’t updated that often, but you can create a profile there that will allow you to give them your podcast feed information. They take all the feeds of the members and combine them to make one feed: http://houstonpodcasting.org/feeds/ghpa.xml. When you publish your podcast to your own feed, it also goes to anyone subscribed to this compilation feed.



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