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Recommended Podcasting Transcription Service November 1, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Accessibility, Podcast Transcription, Podcasting.

Update: https://jdfrey.wordpress.com/2007/10/15/podcast-transcription-service-update/

After my post yesterday about podcasting transcription services, I was emailed by two transcription services (one that I had on my list, and one I did not). I decided not to contact the one that I didn’t review after browsing their website, but I did actually talk to the one that was already on my list. I found it interesting (take note all you advertisers, companies, and self-promoters) that they monitor search engines for articles, blog postings, and news related to their business so that they can react to trends and respond to what people are saying. Their reaction to my post was positive, but they were wondering if I needed a demo account or could point them to a podcast so that they could ‘prove our worth.’ It wasn’t needed because I already had dealings with them and though they are on my list, they’re not on top. Who is?

There’s something to be said for the cost… more than $1.00 less than the rest of the services. How so cheap? They employ average people to do the transcription (see their application for employment on the website). Also, though there are restrictions on the types of files, audio quality, number of speakers, etc… they fit with what a typical podcaster is already doing… and those restrictions help keep the cost low as well. I think the cost is well worth the accessibility aspect of the service. I refer back to my podcast accessibility post from a couple days ago to prove that point.

Jon Udell recently talked about CastingWords, saying “I’d rate the quality of the transcription as very good.” He also did a follow-up post where he talked about his ongoing experience with the service:

42 cents per minute, 620 minutes of audio, 260 dollars. That’s just astoundingly cost-effective, and the quality of the results is excellent. I submitted the order on August 3, and the work was done on August 9.

I have to agree… cost-effective quality. Every once in a while there is some clean-up involved with some word or term that needs corrected, but those are worth the decreased cost that you pay with this service. You can subscribe to an RSS feed of your transcripts which can be edited and then released to the public.

Number 2 on my list? enablr who has a product/offering called transcribr. Besides good personal experience with the company, I like the business model and the ideas that they have about their pro versions of things. They will eventually subscribe to your podcast and turn the transcription around within a few days… charging you the per minute fee associated with your podcast. I’m anxious for the new offerings so I can send people there and see what they think.

Stay tuned… at the end of this week I’ll fill you in on how to easilty create our own transcription.



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[…] I promised a day devoted to podcasting transcription services, so I’ve listed the narrowed down services here in no particular order. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you which one I recommend for podcast transcription and why (click here to find out). I have used, or have friends / clients using, five of the nine companies listed here. If you have an experience with any of them (or another one), feel free to email me (or comment) so I can update this entry. […]

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3. Ashish Saboo - November 16, 2006

I see that you included our company in your list for podcast transcription but it was lacking some information. We have been doing podcast transcription for over two years now and are currently producing more than 6 hrs of podcast transcripts per day. Our rates typically start at 50 cents per audio minute for long turnaround jobs and goes upto $1.20 per audio minute for 24 hr TAT. This includes most file types ( speeches, 1-1, 1-2 interviews etc.). I would like to address your comment about ‘negative’ experience provided you can give us more information. I feel proud to say that we generate most of our new business through word of mouth. Needless to say, we have a long list of happy, paying customers.

Ashish Saboo

Anson Haag - October 5, 2012

Nice Post.Google Can’t index audio files so use podcast transcription service to convert you podcast to text and improve your google ranking.

4. Jeff - November 17, 2006

I changed the post from the previous day with the pricing details. I also changed the text of my notes on that post from the vaugue ‘negative’ experience to the real issue being that he had to make multiple changes to the text file to reflect what was actually said (spelling/grammar). On the upside, $0.50 / minute is over 50% less than most other services, so dealing with a bit of changes isn’t so bad if needed. Thank you for the extra information.

5. swapna - May 16, 2007

Podcast Transcriptioning is an extremely price sensitive decision for podcasters. Also, Casting Words seems to be gathering a good reputation in this arena for being low priced . But,the MTurk mechanism of decentralized transcriptioning takes a toll on quality too. Their service was tested to transcribe Sydney Observatory podcast. The podcast recording was of broadcast quality but still, a numerical error was found in the final transcript. However if you choose an outsourced podcast transcription company, you will get the benefits of low costs and quality, with the additional benefit of data security mechanisms in place.

6. Zippelin - April 17, 2008

I have been working for Casting Words almost from when they started with MTurk, as a high-grade transcriptionist. My opinion probably is from the ‘other side of grass’ but let me tell you they never reward a grade ’10’ to anyone. I have got grade ‘9’ which is the second best, several times and even asked for the corrected version of the final transcript of some of my files but they just refused to provide with…lol. Hell, I can tell you they’re pretty much quality conscious people. I still work for them thru MTurk and would admit that since they make the payments to turkers pretty smoothly, turkers like me don’t have much problem working for them.

7. Andrew - June 11, 2009

Transcription Services do not seem to come under the umbrella – you get what you pay for – In my experience I have paid £1.80 / min and a £1 a minute and to tell the truth they both are of the same quality. I agree a small transcription service appears to get a better service- I can call them talk directly to the people doing it and adjust my transcript as needed. Great! Using casting words in the US is a problem for us in the UK – the strong accents pumps up the price – and lowers the quality. The casting words equal in the UK Transcription Services market place – top divas!

8. Click Here - August 4, 2009

Click Here…


9. Shawn - October 27, 2009

Thanks for this info. I posted an extensive listing of transcription services, including a column for UK or AM accents. Let me know of any that are missing…

10. Edwin - December 10, 2009

Thanks for the info. I’ve checked out all the sites and compared their prices and quality as well. But I can confidently say that none compares to Crystal Outsourcing (www.crystaloutsourcing.net). They offer $0.35 per audio minute for more than 24 hours turnaround and $0.8 per audio minute for a 24 hour turnaround. Their quality is amazing and the good thing about them is that they’re flexible on payment. You will get the benefits of low costs and quality, with the additional benefit of data security mechanisms in place

11. Julius Ochieng - April 23, 2010

Please let me know something, if I have a company that can do transcriptions online from Africa and send you the job back in recommended time, the time agreed by us, or if I am an individual and I can deliver, can I get employment from you? Can you outsource your transcription work to Africa? Let me know please. Julius Ochieng from Nairobi, Kenya. Email me at juliusaayilla@gmail.com

12. Rob - April 30, 2010

If you’re looking to get around additional charges for accents or difficult audio in general but looking to secure the most accurate transcripts completed by a 100% U.S.-based staff, you should consider TheVerbalVision’s transcription services.

I will admit I do work for the company, but in my experience, the vast array of options that other transcription companies can throw at you can be very confusing. Many have tier structures, additional charges, minimum charges, and other hidden fees that might surprise you once you receive your bill. After talking to many individuals – both new and old to the transcription process – they’ve all found they were taken advantage of in one way or another by their last transcription provider. Our Web site – http://www.theverbalvision.com – goes into further detail, but we do our best to eliminate many of the hidden rip-offs other transcription companies will gouge you with.

If you have any questions you can feel free to e-mail me personally at rob@theverbalvision.com, or call us toll-free at 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP. We have 100+ transcriptionists on staff, and we transcribe seven days a week, so we’re always ready to transcribe any audio you may have. Our turnaround is 36 hours or less from the time you send us your audio (regardless of the length of your recordings) – and if you’re not in a rush and can wait 72 hours, we will add a 5% discount to your order.

If you don’t want to e-mail me personally, you can also reach our transcription project management team directly at transcription@theverbalvision.com. If you e-mail us, we can set you up with free FTP space to upload your audio. We can also accept audio via YouSendIt or any other filesharing service that is easiest for you. Hope this is helpful for anyone out there who is looking for an alternative to some of the other companies mentioned above.

13. smith - May 28, 2010

Transcriptionstar.co.uk offers Media, Video, Television, radio, Interview, Focus group, Digital, Legal, Dictation, Mp3 Transcription services at low cost. Save your cost through outsourcing your audios for transcription process to us.

14. seoppat - August 17, 2010

CabbageTree Solutions provides top quality and cost effective audio transcription service in India. Transcription service is the process of converting audios to text. There are many voice recognition software’s available however none of them are so advanced that they can recognize human voice completely and convert them into text. Thus, the need for an audio transcriber arises who listen to the audios and type them out.

We have experience in medical transcription, general transcription and legal transcription. We provide accurate transcription related to interviews, coaching sessions, seminars, training sessions. In addition we also provide media & video transcription which involves converting news, reality shows, radio & television broadcasts , documentaries, raw footage, films, television shows, talk shows, interviews, videotaped events, podcasts, etc into written text which could be used for various service needs as sub titling etc. In addition to this we provide excellent turnaround time as per your requirements.

Currently there are various formats available for audios and videos (mp3, mp4, wav, mov, wma, flv, aiff, youttube videos, streaming audios and videos, webinars). We accept all available formats and have advanced software to convert them into mp3 formats that is simpler for us to transcribe in.

The company has served over 200 clients and what makes the clients come back to us over and over again is the assurance that they need to pay only for quality service and timely delivery. Our cliental includes coaches, trainers, public speakers, media companies, lawyers, college professors and students including doctors, hospitals, and other Transcription Companies.

Our pricing parameter is uncomplicated and transparent. We charge either on per audio hour or per 65 character line counts purely based on client requirement. We never bill the clients based on hours worked unless they specifically asks as different transcribers have different typing speed and 1 audio may take 2 hours to 5 hours depending on the speed on the typist. Thus, to pass on the benefit to the clients, the price is always quoted as per hour of audio or line count so that client knows how much will they have to pay for the work that they are assigning. This has really helped the clients to keep their expense under control.

Our commitment to quality and service cannot be matched with anyone in the industry. All transcripts are proofread and edited thoroughly before delivery and are sent back one by one as soon as they are completed. Should you wish to try out our services, please feel to write back to us and we will arrange for a free sample transcription of any audio of your choice. This will help you to analyze our skill set before moving forward with the project and will also give you assurance that your work are in safe hands. All transcripts are proofread and edited thoroughly before delivery and are sent back one by one as soon as they are completed.

Here is the link: http://www.cabbagetreesolutions.com/audio-transcription

15. Julie Weight - September 7, 2010

I didn’t realize people transcribed podcasts, so thanks for the information. It’s a logical extension to any kind of transcription service.

16. Jessica Miller - October 3, 2010

Transcriptionwave Inc is an established organization that is operating in this transcription domain since last several years.

17. virtual23885 - July 29, 2011

Nice blog…This is Yantram Bpo pvt ltd….We are pleased to offer dictation transcription services to both businesses and individuals. Our experts of audio transcribers & Video Transcription Services will undertake Transcription of a variety of dictation across a wide range of disciplines including notes, Audio Typing Service,Podcast Transcription,Online Audio Transcription, Online Video Transcription, transcribing correspondence, business reports, contracts, minutes, personnel appraisals, legal documents, and surveys.

18. transcribe - August 16, 2011

Transcribe your podcasts for better exposure.

19. Dayal Nathan - November 9, 2011

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20. peter - November 21, 2011

Peter – Thanks for the info. I’ve checked out all the sites and compared their prices and quality as well. But I can confidently say that none compares to CapenetGlobal (www.capenetglobal.com). They offer $25 per audio minute for 6 hours turnaround. Their quality is amazing and the good thing about them is that they’re flexible on payment. You will get the benefits of low costs and quality, with the additional benefit of data security mechanisms in place

21. vanew01 - December 2, 2011

V-Web Expertise in Office administrative services like Personal Assistant support, Transcription services, Internet Marketing Services, Live Chat Support Services, Real Estate Marketing Services.

Transcription Services UK - May 30, 2012

Really nice post. I have had experience of doing podcast with and without transcription is past and I think when you have the transcripts if make a lot of difference as people can go over it again and again.

22. Anonymous - July 4, 2012

cheapertranscripts.com do a flat rate charge 50p per minute. No proofing but generally quite good. Only problem is limited to 10 mins per audio – but you can divide your audio and submit several chunks.

23. umbrella company information - June 2, 2013

I’d like an umbrella, good business, some snow, a, some Natty Daddy’s,
a couple of burgers, and some hot sausages,

24. Online Typing Services - January 8, 2014

Give your business an edge by handing over all your audio typing services to XS Typing and pay just when you have work. Figured as the best transcription company crosswise over UK, we furnish cost savvy solutions for your developing business needs.

25. jibmaxatnewroad - January 21, 2015

My name is Ian, a traveller. I quit my regular job last year and have since travelled. A freelancer at the moment working on podcast transcriptions for Startups and Ventures at the moment.

I am looking for additional regular assignments at the moment, and found this thread.

Charges start at $0.40 per audio minute including
proofreading, available for American, British, and Australian Accents,
payable thru paypal. TAT is 1-2 days per 1 hour recording, though i can take a bundle of files, and submitt ahead of the scheduled time.

Ads not requiring encoding are exempted from the price calculation.

Email: jibmaxatnewroad@gmail.com
Skype: jibmaxatnewroad
Viber: +63918 662 5987
Twitter: @jibmax

26. David Abrameto - January 21, 2015

Check out my company, rev.com. We charge $1/min and our turnaround time is typically well under 24 hrs. We’re the best, most tech savvy transcription vendor around. Try us!

27. Transcription Services in Chennai - September 7, 2015

It’s really blog article for Transcription services .

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