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Podcasting Transcription Services October 31, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Transcription, Podcasting.

Update: https://jdfrey.wordpress.com/2007/10/15/podcast-transcription-service-update/

I promised a day devoted to podcasting transcription services, so I’ve listed the narrowed down services here in no particular order. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you which one I recommend for podcast transcription and why (click here to find out). I have used, or have friends / clients using, five of the nine companies listed here. If you have an experience with any of them (or another one), feel free to email me (or comment) so I can update this entry.

I came up with this list, as I stated, because I have had interaction with over half of them. I added the others because they seemed similar in process and cost to the five I know about. You can check out their websites just like I did, but hopefully I’ve given you some helpful information about each of them. If you’d like me to add another column or review another service specifically, let me know. Again, I’ll take some time tomorrow to tell you which one I recommend and why.

First, I check out the procedure for each service (how you get the audio files to them and how you get the text files back), who transcribes the audio files (this is important), and the tun-around time for your files.

Name Procedure Who Transcribes Turn-Around
eScriptionist Email or FTP digital files, or snail mail audio to them, text file can be emailed or FTP’d back “We do not outsource any of our work overseas as many other transcription companies do” 3-5 Business Days
Transcribe It Quick Log into their website and upload audio / download files “staff is all AMERICAN-based” 24-72 Hours
highscribe Send them audio files and text documents / pdfs are returned Canadian based Depends on the project
Production Transcripts FTP MP3 files to their server, and get a Microsoft Word document emailed to you (or download from secure client area) “We use a domestic workforce to transcribe your materials” 2-4 Days
Tech-Synergy They subscribe to your podcast, create the transcript, and upload it back to your website if you choose “With our presence in US India and Philippines, we are able to provide variety of Business and Technology services at an affordable price to our customers” ?
Casting Words They only accept only handle MP3 and MP4 files and return a plain text, html, or rtf file in an RSS feed Anyone on the internet that applies “A few days”
Enablr Give them the URL of your audio and you get an email of the file, learn about subscribing to your podcast and auto transcription from the coming soon link on their website Based in Canada 3 Business Days
Transcription Services FTP audio to them and get an email txt file back, also has a call in dictation service ? ?
PodClerk Submit the RSS feed and they automatically send you a plain text, html, rtf, pdf, or xml file ? 24 Hours

Price is important… so here are the costs. Most split pricing up between one person and good audio, multiple people (like an interview), and bad audio, lots of people talking, or lots of different cuts… there is also rush pricing for some of the services.

Name Single Person $ Multiple Person $ Lots of Cuts / Bad Audio $ Rush Pricing
eScriptionist $1.50 /minute $2.00 /minute $3.00 /minute $2.25 – $4.00 /minute
Transcribe It Quick $1.50 /minute $2.25 /minute $2.75 /minute $2.25 – $3.75 /minute
highscribe $5.95 /minute (not rated this way, see the website) $13.95 /minute Available
Production Transcripts 5 Minute Min = $15
60 Minutes =$90
30 Minutes =$50(approx $1.55 /minute)
60 Minutes =$120
30 Minutes =$65
60 Minutes =$219
30 Minutes =$109
Next Day = $90 – $200 / 30 min
Tech-Synergy $0.50 /minute N/A N/A 24 Hour = $1.20 /minute
Casting Words $0.42 /minute N/A “May turn down work” N/A
Enablr $1.00 /minute N/A N/A N/A
Transcription Services ? ? ? ?
PodClerk $0.34 /minute
(minimum 30 minutes)
N/A N/A $0.40 /minute
(minimum 30 minutes)

Here are my notes on the different services.

Name Notes
eScriptionist Spoke with an individual directly to ask a question, seemed professional
Transcribe It Quick Lots of different business sectors listed as being transcripted
highscribe Full broadcast transcripts, overkill for most podcasts
Production Transcripts Many different types of audio listed (conference calls, seminars, documentaries) along with a specific podcast section and pricing
Tech-Synergy Not just transcription services, someone I know used the service and had to make multiple corrections to the text… but it’s cheap
Casting Words Lots of specific requirements, but podcast specific… and cheap
Enablr Podcast specific (I’m looking forward to the new offerings on their website)
Transcription Services Not enough info on the website to make me feel good about this one
PodClerk Podcast specific, but 30 minute minimum may limit some people from going with them

I hope this helps you in your quest to transcribe your podcast. Tomorrow, I talk about the one I like (click here)… but later this week… I’ll tell you how to do your own podcast transcription!



1. Recommended Podcasting Transcription Service « Jeffrey Daniel Frey’s Blog - November 2, 2006

[…] After my post yesterday about podcasting transcription services, I was emailed by two transcription services (one that I had on my list, and one I did not). I decided not to contact the one that I didn’t review after browsing thier website, but I did actually talk to the one that was already on my list. I found it interesting (take note all you advertisers, companies, and self-promoters) that they monitor search engines for articles, blog postings, and news related to their business so that they can react to trends and respond to what people are saying. Their reaction to my post was positive, but they were wondering if I needed a demo account or could point them to a podcast so that they could ‘prove our worth.’ It wasn’t needed because I already had dealings with them and though they are on my list, they’re not on top. Who is? […]

2. isource - May 11, 2007

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3. isource - May 11, 2007

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4. Leonard - July 5, 2007

I have had the satisfaction of being attented to by a professional Team of Experts at iSource Solutions Inc,. I had a very important 17 hrs of interviews that needed to be transcribed ASAP and it was isource who gave me a lighting fast TAT. They are very professional in theyr quality and commitment.
If you’re in a hurry and need fast, accurate and very reasonably-priced transcription services, iSource is the number one choice.

5. murali - July 6, 2007

Scope E-Knowlegde is one more company specializing in Transcripts of Science Podcasts. They offer their transcription services to some of the leading science journals in the world. Scope provides value for money transcripts by ensuring high quality and quick turnaround time. They have a multiple layer quality process which includes extensive web research to ensure correct trancribing of proper nouns and names and expert review to check scientific terminlogies are accurately transcribed. They also offer other value added services like indexing, metadata and time stamping of podcasts. STM publishers are encouraged to test their services and see the quality of the transcripts improved considerably and received on time

6. Keith - August 16, 2007

The Transcription Studio is another transcription company that I would recommend. The provide quick transcription, usually under 48 hours, and the have a rush option that is a bit more expensive but gets the job done under 24 hours.

7. Keith - August 16, 2007

The Transcription Studio is another transcription company that I would recommend. The provide quick transcription for podcasts and other media, under 48 hours, and the have a rush option that is a bit more expensive but gets the job done under 24 hours. They also offer free quotes and respond quickly to them, so there is time wasted trying to figure out how much it will cost you.
The work is low in cost and high in quality and it is double checked, so mistakes in the transcription are rare. These guys are easy to work with, friendly, and get it done right.

8. Sajit Nair - September 10, 2007

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9. Jeff - September 28, 2007


10. Jeff - September 28, 2007

Thanks. I’ve received emails about this post. Some who don’t like what I said about them, and some who are new on the market and want me to add them to the list. So far, I still stand by what was said and haven’t seen anything new. I think the best option is for companies to post comments here if they have any issues, updates, or would like to be featured on this page.

11. Kim - October 3, 2007

I have used Connecticut Secretary’s service, who is listed on the page under a company they bought out – http://www.transcriptionservices.biz and http://www.connecticutsecretary.com for three financial podcasts that I will be using for source materials for my dissertation. They are very reasonable and fast and also offer an editing service without additional cost. I highly recommend them as well and have found them fast and friendly and I also like the fact that they work out of their offices the US and my stuff doesn’t go out of the country. That might not be important to everyone, but as I start interviewing companies who might give me confidential information, it is comforting to me. Any questions, email me, as I am glad to refer them.

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23. Julianne Weight - October 29, 2010

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