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Free Podcasting Class @ the Rice University DMC October 25, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Instruction, Podcasting, Rice University.

In my saga to find a good podcasting class, I recently attended the Introduction to Podcasting class at the Rice Univeristy Digital Media Center. Here’s the description:

Introduction to Podcasting: 2005 saw an explosion of podcasts covering everything from esoteric music to science literacy. Want to create your own podcast by making available audio files for automatic download via the Internet? Fondren Library’s Electronic Resources Center is offering a two-hour course that will cover the basics of podcasting. Learn what a podcast is, how to record, edit and enhance the underlying audio, and how to make your podcast available on-line.

I was actually pleased to read through the handout and find the first items to be:

  1. What the heck is a podcast?
  2. Types of podcasts
  3. Podcasting in education

These weren’t actually covered in the class because it was only a two hour short course, but at least it was in the handout and could be read over later. We jumped into the meat of the class right away discussing audio only podcasting. Everyone was given a Apple laptop with Audacity on it.  We created a podcast with it (a simple 2 minute recording with audio in-front and behind and some editing).

She then handed out a sample rss file on a thumb drive to everyone and explained step by step what the pieces parts were of that. Each person edited theirs to reflect what they were producing, and then she uploaded everything of hers to a space on the server so people could see how that worked. All in all, not a bad class. She decided to show GarageBand for the last 15 minutes or so and how enhanced podcasts could be created. In the handout were a list of tools for directories, audio devices, editing tools, on-line tutorials, rss tools, etc.

Not bad, though given a few of the beginners that came to the class, it might have been beneficial to go through some of the basics before diving into the technical. Bottom line for those of you teaching a class,

  • please go through the basics and talk about the idea of podcasting…
  • convey that it’s not tied to any one company, OS, or device…
  • and if it’s hands on, be sure to ask people their skill level prior to asking them to do anything rough (like editing an rss file when they have no idea what that has to do with anything).

Maybe someday you’ll see me teaching a podcasting class, then you can come to it and tell me all the things I should be doing.



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