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Podcasting Education for the Population October 23, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Instruction, Podcast Questions, Podcasting.

I’ve been attending podcasting classes at different locations recently, and I’ll give you a synopsis of the one I went to at the Apple Store tomorrow. I’m attending them because I really want to see what they consist of, I always say that there is something to learn from every experience, and I usually do pick up a tidbit of information from each one.

Now that I’ve gone to a bunch and reviewed the notes that I’m taking, I’ve realized that I’m recording people’s questions more than what the instructor is teaching. I don’t really ‘learn’ anything new, but I do gain insight into what the general population is struggling with when it comes to podcasting. Here are some recent questions that I heard at the Apple Store:

  • “You mean I don’t need an ipod to actually listen to podcasts?”
  • “I want to podcast, but I don’t think the people that want to listen use a mac.”
  • “So, how do I tell people to get my podcast if they don’t have iTunes?”
  • …there were a lot more along those same lines.

These questions bring up the issue of the general education of the population about podcasting. If you’re reading this, please comment or send me an email about a way or two that you think it best to get the word out about podcasting. I’ll compile them and use them in a subsequent blog or podcast in the future.



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