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iMorphosis October 13, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcatching.

iWhat? I met someone who is testing one of these for the company and they say it’s great. Podcatching without a computer, iTunes, etc. Though over 50% of all people are viewing podcasts directly on their computer, what about those without them? How about those of us who just went out and bought our nice new shiny black 80GB iPod and left the laptop at work, or go on a trip, or… hmmm…

…is this really going to be a useful product? Who has an internet connection without a computer? You still need to log-on to a website to say which podcasts you want to subscribe to. I’m never without my PowerBook, I watch most of my podcasts in iTunes, and sync up the iPod to transfer the really long podcasts so I can listen to them at the gym. Well, I still think the device is cool, but let me know what you think about it.


Plug an internet enabled RJ45 Ethernet cable into the back of this thing, log onto a website and select the podcasts that you’d like to subscribe to, and dock your iPod. Simple. (Why do I want one?) The LED will show you when a new episode is available. (So I don’t have to keep hitting the refresh button in iTunes.)

They could use a better website. Go there and you’ll learn that “With the office in both Silicon Valley and China, the team is well positioned to bring the dreaming concept to true reality.” and “With the true believe in podcasting as the new media platform, iMorphosis is to make podcasting available and easily-adopted by everyone.”

So, go to imorphosis.com and sign up to get one of these. You’ll find that they are responsive to take suggestions on how to make the product better (feedback from the guy I met), but there isn’t much support. They have an FAQ on-line that has topics such as “ Q: Network LED is not turn on” and “ Q: I am about to save an episode in MP3 player, but when I am on line, I can not see it in my MP3 player anymore. What happen?” So… that helps some…?

To the point: Great idea. Good product. Okay delivery. Fair support. Bad marketing (so far).

(I still want one.)



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