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Podcast Academy IV October 3, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Podcast Academy, Podcasting.

Podcast Academy 4 was great. The sessions were on Thursday, September 28, 2006, in Ontario, California. For those of you who couldn’t go (and who knows when the podcasts will be released), I’ll write my main take away synopsis below. For those of you who would like a copy of my full reminder notes to myself, download the pdf file: Podcast Academy 4 Notes.

  • Implementation – Lessons From a Corporate Podcast Producer
    Greg Cangialosi (Blue Sky Factory)
    Of course, as everyone says, know your audience. Make sure you know what is the goal of your podcast is (that will define a lot of things like format, length, quality, etc.). Main take away? Keep a consistant schedule with your podcasts and get three or more episodes ahead of yourself and keep that buffer at all times. When life comes your way, you won’t have to scramble.
  • Integration – Successful Web Design for Podcasting
    Kris Smith (Croncast, Palegroove Studios)
    Kris knows how to get your site seen by bloggers, search engines, etc. He also knows what a user wants to see when they come to a site and all the things that he needs to put on the site for them. Good example: enduranceplanet.com. Main take away? Use wimpy or flam to play your podcast on your site so listeners / viewers don’t have to leave your site to see it.
  • Legal – Navigating the Legal Considerations of Podcasts
    Denise Howell (Bag and Baggage)
    This was scary. Main take away? Go to her website and learn as much as you can! Memorize the podcasting legal guide. :) She’s also posted her slides to her blog.
  • Video Podcast Primer: Do it Yourself, or Hire it Out?
    Craig Syverson (gruntmedia)
    One of the best sessions. The peices of podcast production include concept, strategy, format, productions, posting, compressing, identity, feed, website, stats, promotion, and monetization. Main take away? Create the podcast with the listener or viewer screen and speakers in mind. Make the best possible product that you can to fit with those.
  • Viral Video – The Secret To Spreading Your Content
    Tim Street (French Maid TV)
    I liked this session the best. Tim was able to communicate to the attendees exactly what makes a video sharable. Main take away? Try to envoke a sense in someone through your video… if you envoke two, people will share the video… if you can envoke three, the video becomes viral! See my full Podcast Academy 4 Notes for the senses.
  • Inside the Production – A Live Episode of 88SLIDE
    Noah Bonnett and Rachel Rhodes (88SLIDE)
    I was amazed at the simplicity of what looks to be such a big operation. Main take away? Get your video out there any way you can and consider it flattery if someone copies it.
  • Engaging the Audience – Adding Interactivity to Video Podcasts
    Alex Lindsay (MacBreak, Pixel Corps)
    I started to get sleepy from lunch during this one… sorry Alex. Main take away? Keep the size of you files down, but the quality up, by using a smaller video size, using a green screen, and only putting in key frames when needed.
  • Scale – The Magic Behind TWiT
    Leo Laporte (This Week in Tech)
    Lots of topics just flew out of Leo’s mouth as he was talking. Main take away for me? Superserve your niche. ESPN wouldn’t do a how-to football video to try to reign in avid football fans. No. They’re going to do inside football for monster fans of the game. Do the same with your podcast. Find your niche and deliver.

Thanks to everyone who put on a great conferece. Download my Podcast Academy 4 Notes for my full list of little reminders on what was said. Tagged .



1. Karen - January 8, 2007

Very helpful, thanks.

2. Greg - January 23, 2007

Thanks for the note Jeff! I enjoyed Podcast Academy very much and am looking forward to speaking at the upcoming Podcast Academy V at Duke University on Feb 14-15.

I enjoyed reading your notes on my session, it resonates very much with what I am thinking about today with the ROI Radio podcast. Gotta stay ahead of schedule! :-)

All the best,


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